Norman Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Patients in Oklahoma trust that their doctors are prescribing safe drugs and medical devices—and most doctors intend to do just that. When dangerous drug companies put unsafe drugs on the market, though, both doctors and their patients may be lulled into believing that the drugs will work as advertised, only to be proven wrong in a potentially devastating way.

If you suffered an injury caused by a dangerous drug or medical device, an experienced Norman dangerous drugs lawyer could fight on your behalf. With a skilled personal injury attorney’s help, you may be able to obtain compensation for the losses you suffered, whether economic or non-economic in nature.

Common Dangerous Drugs at Market

Some of the most common dangerous drugs and medical devices that lead to patient injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Psychiatric drugs and antidepressants
  • Blood pressure and heart medications
  • Medical devices, like vaginal mash, birth-control implants, and hip and knee replacements
  • Seizure medications
  • Narcotics and other pain medications
  • Cancer drugs

Drawbacks to the FDA’s Approval Process

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) orders recalls for about 4,200 food and drug products each year. Unfortunately, that means that numerous unsafe food and drug products that should never have been released at all enter the market each year. The reasons why this happens are complex, but some experts blame the fact that certain laws allow wealthy drug companies to pay a fee to push their drug through the approval process faster.

When drug makers can expedite the approval process and get their drugs on the market faster, they are often able to turn more of a profit, but the consumers are the ones who pay the price. Testing for quickly released drugs might be inadequate, as certain side effects and drug interactions might not be uncovered during the truncated drug approval process.

There are safeguards in place that are supposed to protect consumers since drug companies must issue recalls or update consumer warnings when they discover previously unknown hazards or drug interactions. Unfortunately, sometimes this does not happen in a timely manner—or never happens at all—and patients are hurt by a dangerous drug.

Dangerous Drugs and Product Liability

While the FDA does not have much power when it comes to enforcing their rules against the drug companies, the court system can hold reckless drug companies responsible through the products liability claims process. An experienced Norman dangerous drug lawyer could help injured patients file personal injury claims to seek compensation for their losses—whether that involves paying medical bills for revision surgeries, hospital stays, lost wages and missed time at work, or issuing punitive damages aimed at punishing the negligent drug manufacturer.

Talking to a Norman Dangerous Drug Attorney

No matter the severity of your injuries, or whether you are certain that the drug’s manufacturer is responsible for providing you with a dangerous product, an experienced Norman dangerous drugs lawyer could examine your medical records, the drug’s FDA approval, and the drug maker’s marketing materials to help you sort out who may be liable for your injuries. Call today to find out how you could best move forward with your case.