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Approximately 4.7 million dog bite incidents occur in the United States every year. Dog bites can result in serious injuries, including teeth and puncture wounds, skin lacerations, infections, and scarring. If you have sustained serious injuries as a result of a vicious dog attack, you may be able to hold the dog owner accountable.

Dog bite laws vary by jurisdiction, so you need an experienced lawyer on your side who knows and understands the law in Norman. In most cases, the dog owner may be liable for their pet’s actions.

A Norman dog bite lawyer can review the facts and circumstances of your case and may be able to pursue monetary damages on your behalf. An experienced attorney may also be able to represent you at various legal proceedings – including hearings before the Animal Control Board.

Strict Liability and Negligence in Dog Bite Cases

A dog bite victim may have several legal avenues of recovery available to them following a vicious dog attack. Those legal theories include strict liability and negligence.

Strict liability entails that a dog owner may be responsible for any injuries their dog inflicts. This is true even if the dog has never acted aggressively before and even if the dog has never bitten anyone before. The “one bite rule,” which many other states follow, generally does not apply in Norman dog bite cases.

In addition (or in the alternative to) strict liability, the dog bite victim may be able to claim that the dog owner was negligent. To prove negligence, the plaintiff must show that the owner was negligent in failing to properly handle or control the dog. Furthermore, they must prove that this negligence directly resulted in all of the injuries and damages they sustained.

Dog Owner Defenses

In the event a dog bite victim claims strict liability or negligence against the dog owner, the owner may try to raise one or more legal defenses. For example, the dog owner may allege that the bite victim was trespassing on the property.

Alternatively, the owner may allege that the injured party did something to provoke the dog or entice it to bite them. Examples of provocation include throwing something at the dog (e.g., a stick or twig) or teasing the dog. This is why it is important to work with a savvy Norman dog bite lawyer who can help diffuse these arguments.

Call a Norman Dog Bite Attorney Today

Insurance companies are often skeptical in dog bite cases and allege that the bite victim did something to provoke or entice the dog. If you sustained a serious puncture wound, bite mark, cut, or another injury in a dog bite attack, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Photograph and gather as much evidence as you can regarding your claim as early as feasible.

In many dog bite cases, time is of the essence. This is because under most circumstances, you only have two years from the date of your injury to make a claim or file a lawsuit against the dog owner. If you do not file a claim or lawsuit within that period, you may not be able to make a personal injury claim for damages. A Norman dog bite lawyer can evaluate your case, determine if it is worth pursuing, and if so, file a claim or lawsuit on your behalf.