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No monetary compensation can fully make up for the pain and worry a family may feel if their child suffers a birth injury, or the challenges life may bring for a child with a preventable disability. However, with a medical malpractice attorney’s assistance, successful lawsuits may help families plan for the future and take sustainable action to care for their child without going bankrupt in the process.

Some expenses related to birth injuries, like adapting a home or a vehicle to be wheelchair-accessible, retaining at-home nursing care, or paying for therapy and/or special education services, can be staggering. Fortunately, a skilled Norman birth injury lawyer could help you hold a negligent medical provider accountable and pursue financial restitution. Work with a compassionate and dedicated malpractice attorney that could pursue justice for you and your child.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

There are a number of different kinds of birth injuries, most involving brain damage, loss of oxygen, infection, paralysis, or nerve damage. Some of the most common birth injuries seen in Norman include but are not limited to:

  • Skull and head injuries, including fractures, contusions, or bleeding under the skull
  • Cerebral palsy and related brain damage
  • Assisted delivery injuries, such as scalp cuts, infections, and damage caused by forceps and vacuum delivery
  • Brachial plexus palsy and shoulder dystocia, which may involve partial paralysis of the arms

Liability for a Birth Injury

Several different parties could bear responsibility in a birth injury case, including but not limited to:

  • The hospital or medical group responsible for treatment
  • The delivering doctor or health care provider
  • A prenatal care obstetrician
  • A maternal-fetal medicine specialist or pediatrician

In a medical malpractice case in Oklahoma, both sides may present testimony to try to establish whether the health care provider in question breached the reasonable standard of care and directly caused a birth injury as a result. A skilled birth injury lawyer in Norman could work with medical experts to determine the reasonable standard of care as it applies to Oklahoma birth injury cases.

Comparative Negligence in Birth Injury Cases

Oklahoma operates under the “comparative negligence” rule, which means that victims who contribute in part to causing their own injuries may have their final damage awards in a personal injury case reduced by the percentage of fault they bear in causing their own accident or injury. In Oklahoma, a victim who is partially at fault may have their claim barred entirely if they are found to be more at fault than the other party.

In a birth injury case, the defense team representing the medical provider might claim that a mother contributed to causing her child’s birth injury by, for example, not being fully compliant with prenatal recommendations. However, a seasoned Norman birth injury lawyer may have experience rebutting such claims on behalf of a parent and their child.

Consulting a Norman Birth Injury Attorney

Any type of birth injury can be devastating for a family expecting a healthy baby. Fortunately, a compassionate Norman birth injury lawyer could stand by your side as you seek to hold the negligent medical provider or hospital accountable.

While no amount of money can erase the injury your child suffered, the birth injury claims process could provide the compensation necessary for you and your family to provide for your child. Furthermore, your case may help prevent other families from facing similar circumstances, since some types of damages are aimed at deterring future bad conduct by the medical provider and others. Call today to schedule a consultation.