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Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Norman

Suffering an injury while traveling on Norman’s roads and streets is always a traumatic experience, but few accidents are as potentially life-threatening as those that affect you as a motorcycle rider. Even if you make the responsible decisions to wear all available protective gear, ensure that your bike is in good repair, and ride with all possible caution, another person’s recklessness can result in life-changing injuries.

Common motorcycle accident injuries in Norman may include anything from a broken bone to a traumatic brain injury. If you have been injured in a crash, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney could help recover compensation for your injuries.

Physical Injuries as the Core of a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Most riders’ immediate concerns following a motorcycle accident—before any legal proceeding—is the effect on their physical health. Indeed, a case cannot progress unless a rider seeks and obtains medical treatment as a result of the accident.

Many incidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles require intensive emergency medical care. These include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Road rash from sliding on pavement
  • Crushing injuries from being trapped under bikes or cars
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints

All these injuries will require a trip to an emergency room in an ambulance. The more serious examples may require overnight hospitalization or surgery. The most severe will leave a biker with a permanent disability. An attorney could help injured riders to obtain full compensation to pay for all required medical treatment following a motorcycle accident injury in Norman, including future rehabilitation.

Non-Physical Losses Following a Motorcycle Accident

However serious a biker’s physical injuries may be, they form only a portion of a total compensation package following a motorcycle accident in Norman. These non-economic damages may also include a loss of quality of life, mental health concerns such as PTSD, or loss of consortium. Non-economic damages are often more subjective than economic damages, and therefore harder to quantify. Nonetheless, they make up a core component of any personal injury claim following a crash.

Plaintiffs in motorcycle accident cases in Norman may also suffer economic losses, separate from their medical expenses. Serious injuries may force a person to miss some time at work, for example, and cases involving permanent injuries, compensation may need to cover a lifetime of future lost earnings. An attorney could work with plaintiffs to properly measure their non-physical losses to make claims for appropriate compensation.

Profound Effects Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Norman

A single moment while riding a motorcycle can change your life forever. Another driver’s poor decision to drive while drunk, to text while driving, or simply to disobey a rule of the road can result in an accident that inflicts severe injuries.

Motorcycle accident injuries in Norman are not just physical. Many injured bikers also suffer from intense emotional anguish, loss of quality of life, property damage, and lost earnings. The purpose of a motorcycle accident case is to make you whole again. While this may not be truly possible, a powerful claim can bring substantial compensation to make your life more comfortable.