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Norman Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity, and any collision with another vehicle is likely to cause serious injuries. Fortunately for motorcycle riders, the laws in Norman allow injured bikers to pursue at-fault drivers for damages following serious accidents. That right, however, also means that bikers must follow the rules of the road on their own end as well.

Having a working knowledge of Norman traffic laws for motorcyclists can help to keep you safe. It can also help to preserve your rights to compensation following an accident where the blame for the incident is in dispute.

Laws that Apply to all Motorists

Motorcycle riders have the same obligations to operate their vehicles in as responsible manner as all other travelers, which includes taking measures that do not place other people at risk of harm.

Operating a vehicle on any of Norman’s roads is a privilege. Traffic laws exist for the safety of everyone on the road, and as such, apply to all drivers, motorcyclists, and truckers. Riders must be sure to follow the simple laws regarding:

  • Speeding
  • Proper lane changes
  • Yielding
  • Refraining from tailgating
  • Following all traffic signals

Understanding these laws is a key part of obtaining a motorcycle license, and all riders must be sure to continue to follow them for their own safety.

Special Laws Pertaining to Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycles’ small size allows them to access certain areas that larger cars simply cannot. It can be tempting for bikers to flout many of the rules of the road to avoid congestion.

One common practice is lane-splitting. According to OS 47§11-1103(D), the practice of lane-splitting while on a motorcycle or any other type of motorized bicycle is always illegal. Additionally, it is illegal for any motorcycle rider to hitch to another moving vehicle while riding.

There are also laws that state how a motorcyclist must outfit their vehicle. While Norman has no mandatory helmet law for riders over the age of 18, any street-legal motorcycle must have:

  • One white headlight and one red taillight
  • A reflector visible from 600 feet
  • Two rearview mirrors
  • A minimum wheel size

While a failure to follow these requirements may not constitute a moving violation, it can be probable cause for a police officer to make a traffic stop. Additionally, a motorcyclist who fails to use the proper safety equipment may harm a future claim for damages after an injury, as a defendant may be able to argue that a plaintiff’s failure to use the proper equipment contributed to the accident.

Knowledge of Norman Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists Could Keep You Safe

It is critical that every person on Norman’s roads follow all applicable traffic laws. This includes both drivers of full-size vehicles and bikers. An attorney could help to provide more information about Norman traffic laws for motorcyclists and could also help explain the relationship between these laws and any potential claim for damages. A failure to follow these laws could limit or even negate any potential award at trial. Contact an attorney today to discover more.