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With just over 120,000 residents, Norman, Oklahoma is the state’s third largest metropolitan city. There are nearly thirty nursing homes in and around the city with thousands of residents, so families in the area have a lot of options to choose from when making the tough decision of admitting their loved ones into a long-term care facility.

It is important that families do their background research to find the nursing home best suited to their needs. While most facilities take excellent care of their residents, there are some people who see the elderly as easy targets for exploitation. In fact, one out of every six elderly people in nursing homes experiences some form of abuse or neglect each year.

Detecting when nursing home abuse is happening can be difficult. If you have any suspicion that your loved one is being abused by her caretakers, call a professional injury attorney as soon as possible. A Norman nursing home abuse lawyer can help identify some of the common signs of nursing home abuse and help get your loved one out of that situation.

Nursing Home Standards in Oklahoma 

The state requires that nursing homes meet the minimum standards set for in the Nursing Home Care Act—codified in Article 19 of the Oklahoma Public Health Code—to protect the residents’ rights and ensure their safety. Because nursing home abuse can be difficult to detect, these laws were amended in 2013 to permit families to install video cameras in the private rooms of their loved ones in the interest of protecting them from abuse.

Despite these required safeguards, elder abuse still happens in nursing homes and, if left unchecked, may lead to premature death. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Guide, abused elders are 300 percent more likely to die within three years spent living in a nursing home compared to those who have not been abused. Consult with a Norman nursing home abuse lawyer for more information.

Negligence, Personal Injury, and Nursing Home Abuse 

If an elderly resident is being abused or neglected, it is likely that some form of personal injury will result. Injuries, or damages, can be physical, emotional, or financial in nature. When a person suffers a personal injury, the majority of claims revolve around negligence.

In order for a Norman nursing home abuse lawyer prove negligence, the injured party—or someone filing on their behalf—must prove that the staff of their nursing home breached their inherent duty of care for residents of that facility in a way that directly caused injury to the elderly patient in question. A breach of duty can often be established by showing quantifiable evidence of abuse.

In order to prove causation, the injured party must show that the nursing home’s conduct was the cause-in-fact (actual cause) of the injuries, as well as the proximate cause of the injuries. To establish proximate cause, the injured party must prove that their injuries were a foreseeable result of the abuse they suffered.

Contact a Norman Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today 

No one should have to suffer abuse or neglect, especially from someone who is supposed to be caring for them. If you suspect the staff at your family member’s nursing home are abusing them or other residents, you have a legal obligation to take steps to report and prevent that treatment. Call a Norman nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible for help protecting your loved one and fighting for compensation on their behalf.