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Norman Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Businesses in Norman and around the state rely on commercial trucks for everything from construction to the moving of products and livestock. These massive vehicles are the backbone of the local economy, and it is a rare company that does not use a large truck in some capacity to remain in business.

The large size of these vehicles provides an essential business advantage. Efficient engines and large trailers allow trucks to move goods at a fraction of the cost of other modes of transportation. Unfortunately, this size creates a hazard on the road in the form of blind spots, fields of vision that drivers cannot see even with the aid of mirrors.

If you have suffered an injury after being caught in a truck’s blind spot, you may be entitled to compensation. A Norman blind spot truck accident lawyer could help you to hold negligent truck drivers responsible for their actions.

The Locations of Blind Spots on Trucks

Trucks share many characteristics with smaller personal vehicles. One of these shared concepts is the presence of blind spots immediately to the side and rear of the drivers’ and passengers’ seats. More modern vehicles will use cameras in an attempt to minimize these spots on smaller cars. Few trucks take advantage of this technology, however, and as a result, collisions are common.

Additionally, commercial vehicles have blind spots that are not present on smaller cars. The height of many commercial trucks creates a blind spot immediately in front of the cab. Drivers who suffer rear-end collisions may be surprised to learn that a trucker did not see their car despite it being directly in front of them.

Another additional blind spot is directly behind a trailer. Especially in the case of tractor-trailers, a driver cannot see what is immediately behind them, often for many car lengths.

Negligence and Blind Spot Collisions

To prevail in a truck accident case, plaintiffs still need to prove that the trucker’s actions caused the accident. The most common way to accomplish this is to prove that the trucker was negligent in their operation of the vehicle.

All truck operators must operate their vehicles in a way that does not place other people at an unreasonable risk of harm. Having a knowledge of their vehicle’s blind spots and how they may create danger for others is a key part of this duty. A trucker who does not properly check blind spots before changing lanes, or who tailgates another driver to such an extent that they do not see them, may certainly be considered negligent.

A Norman blind spot truck accident lawyer could help to investigate the causes of the accident to determine if a truck driver acted negligently. An investigation may include taking video of the scene, gathering police reports, and talking to third-party witnesses who may have seen the accident take place. Ultimately, an attorney could help to prove that a trucker’s negligence caused your losses and to demand fair compensation.

A Norman Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney May be Able to Help You

The presence of large truck and commercial vehicles on Norman’s road creates a great risk of collisions and severe injuries. While the drivers of these trucks have every right to be on the road, they must be aware of the risks involved with driving such large vehicles.

One of these risks includes the prominent blind spots created by their vehicles or their cargo. This can create danger zones immediately to the side, front, and rear of a truck where an inattentive driver may not notice another vehicle, which can lead to catastrophic accidents when a trucker is negligent in changing lanes, taking turns, or speeding.

A Norman blind spot truck accident lawyer could help you to pursue negligent truckers and their employers for your damages. Contact a Norman blind spot truck accident lawyer today to get started.