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OKC City Web Tool Shows Real-Time Auto Accidents, Fire Calls


CarAccidentI came across an interesting online tool the other day that provides up-to-the-minute reports of OKC auto accident and fire department calls.

The tool is called “Response Tracking,” and it is a service of the City of Oklahoma City. The top of the webpage has a map of OKC. On the map are markers for all injury and non-injury vehicle accidents and all fire calls reported to the Oklahoma City Police and Fire departments.

Markers remain on the map for a short time: from the time the call comes in to the time the incident is “cleared” by the emergency responders. The map does not include reports to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

For example, I am writing this blog post in the middle of a weekday afternoon. At this moment, six auto accidents and one fire call are visible on the map. When I click on a marker, more information pops up. The additional information tells the location of the incident, the time the call came in, and one line of additional information about the incident.

Right now, of the six auto accidents on the map:

  • All six of the calls came in within the last 60 minutes, with the most recent reported 20 minutes ago.
  • Two are injury accidents.
  • Four of them are north of I-40, one of them is on I-40 and one is on the south side on Highway 240.

The sole fire call is a commercial fire on NW 10th Street.

When I glanced at the tool again 30 minutes later, two of the vehicle accidents had dropped off the map and three new ones had been added on.

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