Oklahoma City COBRA Insurance Attorneys

If you have group insurance coverage at your job, you have a right to take that insurance with you after your employment ends. If you are denied this right, call a COBRA Insurance Attorney at Hasbrook & Hasbrook today. 

COBRA Insurance Attorneys in Oklahoma City

You had been working at your firm in Pennville for years. Every day you showed up to work with a smile on your face – you loved the work atmosphere, the people, and all of the great benefits that you enjoyed. Life was wonderful.

But then you lost your job, and with it disappeared all of those wonderful perks as well.

Except for one – your right to continued healthcare. Years ago, the government put in place a mechanism that requires certain employers to provide workers with access to group health care coverage, even in the event of a termination.

What does this mean for you?

While you search for your new job, your former employer may be denying you access to health insurance coverage that is rightfully yours. And the easiest way to get it back is with our skilled COBRA insurance attorneys in Oklahoma City.

What is COBRA?

Cobra stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act, and is an amendment to previous legislation intended to protect your right to group health care coverage, even after termination. Many employers in Oklahoma City are subject to this act, yet some believe that they can deny coverage to whomever they would like.

And that’s where we come in. Our experienced Oklahoma City COBRA insurance attorneys can both educate your employer on this act, as well as reclaim for you the right to coverage that you truly deserve.

But What if You Were Fired?

You lost access to your company health insurance, but you were fired, so there’s nothing you can do, right?


COBRA insurance coverage is extended to employees of specific companies that previously had access to group insurance, yet lost it after one or more qualifying events. So if you reduced your hours, got laid off, or even quit, you still have the option to stick with this plan.

And further, spouses and dependents can often enjoy similar benefits through the provisions of this act.

So if you have lost healthcare coverage from your former employer, don’t fret. Simply pick up the phone and call us – we are here to fight for your right to health and safety.