Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

Evidence in Oklahoma City Car Accident Cases

Evidence is one of the building blocks of any sort of legal claim. Evidence in Oklahoma City car accident cases is vital to establishing negligence and showing why you, as the injured party, have the right to pursue compensation. An experienced car accident lawyer could collect evidence and use that evidence to build your car accident claim. If you want to know more, speak with a knowledgeable attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

Types of Evidence an Attorney May Gather

Most attorneys are looking for the same types of evidence. This includes:

  • Medical bills
  • Medical records
  • Type of vehicles involved
  • Witnesses and witness statements
  • Photos and videos

Before filing a suit, a car crash lawyer in Oklahoma may check and see if the potential defendants already had prior lawsuits.

The Process of Collecting Evidence

The process for collecting evidence in Oklahoma City car accident cases starts with the individual bringing anything they have related to the wreck, such as witnesses and photos. Car accident attorneys request the accident victim’s medical bills and records, anything related to the wreck, gathering witness statements, interviewing witnesses, talking to the doctors if it is a complicated medical issue, reviewing the photos, and looking at vehicles. Most of the time, they do not have a police report, so the lawyer will obtain it. As treatment progresses, lawyers then get the medical records and bills.

The time it takes to collect evidence can vary. Generally, everything is collected before a lawsuit is filed but the initial evidence of witness statements can be done fairly quickly. Getting the medical records and bills depends on the treatment.

Steps a Lawyer Must Take When Presenting Evidence in Court

After evidence is collected, the defense is going to request it through discovery. The other side is going to get a copy of everything. Most of the time, lawyers do what is called pre-admitting the exhibits. That way, it saves some time in front of the court because they do not have to go through each exhibit before the witness testifies about the document

Other things people should know about the evidence gathering process is that an attorney cannot get a defendant’s cell phone records until after they file a suit. Also, the insurance companies are required to disclose what their insurance policy is after a suit is filed.

Value of an Oklahoma City Car Accident Attorney

It is important to retain an experienced Oklahoma City legal counsel because an experienced attorney could work to help you receive a favorable outcome, whether it is a verdict or a settlement. An experienced attorney is going to have a decent sample size to know the fair amount to settle the claim and help a person prepare for their deposition, and prepare throughout the case Furthermore, an attorney with experience gathering evidence in Oklahoma City car accident cases could leverage that evidence in order build a person’s defense and achieve a positive outcome for them.