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Establishing Liability in Oklahoma City Failure to Yield Accidents

When establishing liability in failure to yield accidents, a person must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the opposing party was at fault for their accident. This may consist of hiring an attorney who may then conduct an investigation of the accident. An attorney may go to the scene of the accident and take note of any road signs that could be used as evidence that the defendant did not yield properly. An attorney may also look into gathering witnesses who saw the accident happen.

If you are experiencing difficulty determining who is at fault in a failure to yield accident, get in contact with a practiced attorney today. An experienced lawyer could provide valuable help with establishing liability in Oklahoma City failure to yield accidents.

Insurance Companies Conducting Investigations

Insurance companies treat a failure to yield accident like any other car accident. The insurance company will be on the lookout for any evidence that proves that the opposing driver was at fault for the accident. Insurance companies could request copies of the injured party’s cell phone records, interview the other driver, and ask questions about where they were going and their speed.

Determining Liability

Liability is no different in a failure to yield accident than in a rear-end collision. The fault and negligence of each party are weighed to determine who is at fault. It is a factual evaluation resulting in a decision based on the unique facts of the cases about how the wreck occurred taking into consideration the conflicting stories from the two drivers. When determining or establishing liability in Oklahoma City failure to yield accidents, contact an attorney for professional assistance.

Importance of Road Signs

Road signs are important for establishing liability in Oklahoma City failure to yield accidents because they act as visual indicators as to whether or not someone has broken the law or has failed to yield to other drivers. For example, an individual may have a road sign where they have a yield and a car comes from the left. When an individual is stopped at an intersection with a yield sign and a car comes from the left going down the highway, that car has the right of way and the car sitting at the intersection must yield. If the car sitting at the intersection fails to yield, the driver may be held liable for causing the accident.

There is also an issue as to fault and comparative fault.  An insurance company and the jury on this type of case would put a percent of the blame on the person that had their turn signal on, but still had the right of way.

Methods an Attorney Uses to Investigate an Auto Crash

When establishing liability in Oklahoma City failure to yield accidents, an attorney will try to visit the scene of the accident, They may discover something that the did not see in the investigation or accident report. For example, stop sign might be blocked by a tree, or knocked down. The attorney looks for traffic signs at the intersection to see if there might be an issue as to who arrived first and who had the right of way. An attorney could also look into finding witnesses. Witnesses could provide unbias information about the accident and could testify in court if needed.