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Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Oklahoma City

Filing a car accident suit is the best way to make sure that you are compensated for your injuries, and that the negligent party is held responsible. What many people do not realize is that there are certain errors that could weaken your car accident case. Some of the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Oklahoma City include not seeking medical attention and not contacting a compassionate car crash lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could answer your questions and fight for you.

Admitting Fault and Apologizing

Admitting fault at the scene of a car accident can hurt a person’s case. Generally, people tend to tell the truth and some people will say sorry even if something was not their fault. Of course, a person should always be polite but saying sorry can be considered a party admission. Something they say can be used against them.

The risk of being polite is misconstruing a person’s statements on what they are intending to say. They are trying to be polite but it may come across that they are apologizing for the wreck that they did not cause.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Refusing immediate medical treatment is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Oklahoma City because it can hurt a person’s case. If they are hurt, they need to go to doctor as soon as possible. A lot of people think they will get better but sometimes they do not and they still have problems. Insurance companies are looking for any delay in treatment as a way to deny a claim. They will say that the person was not actually hurt. It is important to get a person’s injuries documented as soon as possible before the injuries get worse. Treating an injury early can also prevent further harm.

People refuse treatment because they assume they are going to get better. Most folks prefer to not get medical treatment until they have to have it. They are hopeful that they will not need to go to the doctor.

Why is Medical Care Following an Accident Not a Priority for Some?

People often do not prioritize medical care because they are busy. Most people are taking care of their jobs, their kids, and normal day-to-day activities. It can be expensive to go to a doctor and people do not want to rack up a bunch of medical bills if there is a chance the insurance company will not pay the bills. It can also be difficult to miss work for medical office appointments.

Not Following Doctors Orders

One of the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Oklahoma City is not following a doctor’s orders. A person may not be recovering as fast as they could. If they are missing appointments, then the insurance company is going to claim that they were not actually that hurt.

Getting Recorded Statements to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

The danger in getting recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney is that a person does not know what their injuries are because they either just started going to the doctor or they are hoping they are going to get better so they downplay the extent of their injuries. Someone may initially have hip pain, when the cause is a back injury. The insurance adjuster on that type of claim may have the injured person confirm that their back is not hurting from the wreck.

It is common for insurance companies to try to settle when people are actually still treating. This would be paying the settlement while there are still medical bills accruing, which would leave the injured victim with outstanding medical bills. It is common for them to get the statement as early as possible to try to lock the plaintiff into a certain statement on how the wreck occurred or how hurt or not hurt they were.

Failure to Seek Legal Help

It is a good time to contact an attorney any time after the wreck, but the earlier, the better. Even if a person does not want to hire an attorney, they can at least call and talk with one for free.  A lawyer can give them a list of different doctors and hospitals that might be able to see them. A lot of primary care physicians will not treat a long time patient for a car accident.  The main thing is that a lawyer would be able to document everything and make sure they are not settling for pennies on the dollar.

How an Oklahoma City Car Crash Lawyer Can Help

An experienced car crash attorney could deal with the initial steps of a car accident claim. They could contact the insurance company as soon as they are hired. This is called a letter of representation. An attorney could be able to start interviewing the witnesses and itemizing and documenting everything. If a person is doing it on their own, it is easy to overlook some of the bills, since one doctor’s visit can result in several bills from different billing entities. If an individual wants to know more about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Oklahoma City, they should work with a knowledgeable lawyer that can help.