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Negligence in Oklahoma City Car Accidents

Car crashes take place all the time, however, not all crashes are accidents. Some accidents take place when drivers fail to follow driving laws. Sometimes drivers are using their phones, reading directions, drinking, or failing to keep their eyes on the road. Negligence in Oklahoma City car accidents is when an individual carelessly drives in a manner that leads to another driver being injured.

If you have been involved in an Oklahoma City car accident, contact an adept car accident attorney immediately. A qualified lawyer could help you seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

Comparative Negligence in Car Accidents

In instances where both parties are accused of carelessness in a car accident, comparative negligence comes into play. Comparative negligence is a law which states that the fault of an accident is based on each driver’s contribution to the crash. The law reduces the amount of damages that a driver can recover.

How is Comparative Negligence Determined?

A court will determine how much each driver is at fault with the evidence presented to them.  A jury will analyze a case, and place fault on one of the drivers for every piece of evidence factored in.

If both drivers are 50 percent at fault, they can recover only 50 percent of the damages. However, if one driver is more than 50 percent at fault, let’s say 51 percent, they will not recover any damages.

Insurance Liability in Comparative Negligence Wrecks

It can be difficult to receive compensation for negligence in Oklahoma City car accidents. If a jury determines that a driver contributed to a wreck in any way, this could decrease the compensation that the driver receives from their insurance companies. Even if the driver contributed to the crash by only 10 percent, their insurance company could claim that because they contributed to the accident, they cannot receive significant compensation.

Do Insurance Companies Settle?

Insurance companies have been known to settle in cases of negligence. They often want to so as quickly as possible. When someone agrees to a settlement, they are agreeing to release their insurance company from any future damages they have from the wreck.

The issue with signing an early offer, is that the offers are not as comprehensive as they could be. The individual is agreeing to a settlement before their treatment has ended, and therefore before knowing the final amount of their medical bills. By agreeing to the settlement, they are giving up their rights to any further compensation they may need.

How a Distinguished Oklahoma City Attorney Can Help

Individuals involved in negligence in Oklahoma City car accidents should talk to an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer would be able to inform you of your rights, inform you of the claims process with your insurance company, and help you make sure that your insurance company is not taking advantage of you.

Car crashes can be frightening to experience, however, receiving compensation should not be. You deserve to work with an attorney who could make sure that you are fully compensated.