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Oklahoma City airbag injury lawyer

Airbags are designed to keep you safe during a car accident, but sometimes they can cause injuries. In Oklahoma City, if an airbag has hurt you, you need the right lawyer to help. Hasbrook & Hasbrook specializes in airbag injury cases. Our personal injury attorney understands the complexities involved and is here to fight for your rights.

Choosing Hasbrook & Hasbrook means you’re getting more than just legal representation. Our car accident lawyers have the experience and resources to handle challenging airbag injury cases. We aim to help you navigate the legal process easily and confidently. That way, you can recover compensation for common car accident injuries. Car accidents and vehicle accidents are always serious, and we can engage in negotiations with the insurance provider on your behalf.

Learn more about auto accident claims below. Then, contact our personal injury lawyers to schedule a free consultation to review your car accident case.

You Deserve an Experienced and Dedicated Oklahoma City Airbag Injury Lawyer To Review Your Case

You deserved an experienced and dedicated Oklahoma City airbag injury lawyer to review your case

When facing a car accident airbag injury, you need a lawyer with experience and dedication. Hasbrook & Hasbrook has a track record of successfully handling airbag injury cases in Oklahoma City. We understand the pain and difficulties these injuries can cause.

We approach each case with a commitment to personalized service. We take the time to understand your situation and tailor our legal strategies to meet your needs. Our attorneys are not just skilled in the courtroom; they’re compassionate advocates who stand by your side. We’re here to make sure your voice is heard, and your rights are protected.

Legal Basis for Airbag Injury Claims in Oklahoma City

Airbag injury claims in Oklahoma City are based on various legal grounds. These cases can involve complex legal principles, but our team at Hasbrook & Hasbrook is well-equipped to handle them. We know the laws and regulations that apply to these cases. Our expertise allows us to build a strong case on your behalf.

Product Liability Laws

  1. Design Defects: Sometimes, the design of an airbag is flawed, making it inherently dangerous. We investigate to see if the design of the airbag in your car was unsafe. This involves looking at how the airbag was supposed to work and where the design went wrong.
  2. Manufacturing Defects: Other times, a mistake during the manufacturing process can make an airbag unsafe. We examine the manufacturing process of your airbag. Our team looks for errors that occurred while the airbag was being made.
  3. Failure To Warn: Manufacturers must adequately warn about their products’ risks. We check to see if the airbag manufacturer failed to provide necessary warnings, including examining the instructions and labels that came with the airbag.

Negligence Claims Against Manufacturers

  1. Inadequate Testing: We investigate whether the manufacturer properly tested the airbag before putting it on the market. This includes looking at the testing procedures and whether they met industry standards.
  2. Lack of Proper Warnings: Manufacturers must warn users about the potential risks of their products. We examine whether the manufacturer provided adequate warnings about the airbag. If they didn’t, they may be held liable for your injuries.

Comparative Negligence in Airbag Injury Cases

In Oklahoma City, comparative negligence may apply to airbag injury cases. Your compensation might be reduced if you were partly at fault for the accident or your injuries. We work to minimize the impact of comparative negligence on your case. We aim to guarantee that you obtain fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Types of Airbag Injuries

Types of airbag injuries

Airbag injuries can vary depending on the accident and the individual. Some common injuries include facial bruising, burns, and more severe injuries like broken bones. We understand the different types of injuries that airbags can cause.

Impact-Related Injuries

Airbags deploy with great force, which can cause impact-related injuries. These might include facial injuries, head trauma, or even broken bones. We look at the severity of the impact and the injuries it caused. This helps us build a strong case for your compensation.

Defective Airbag Injuries

Sometimes, injuries are caused by a defective airbag. This can include airbags that deploy too forcefully or not at all. We investigate the specifics of the airbag’s operation in your accident. We aim to determine if a defect in the airbag contributed to your injuries.

Impact of Airbag Deployment

A. Abrasions and Burns: The force of an airbag deploying can cause abrasions and burns. We document these injuries and include them in your claim.

B. Fractures and Contusions: The impact of an airbag can also cause fractures and contusions. These injuries might need extensive medical attention and can lead to long-term problems. We consider these serious consequences when building your case.

C. Internal Injuries: In some cases, the force of an airbag can cause internal injuries. These can be severe and life-threatening. Our team ensures that your claim fully accounts for these serious injuries.

Common Causes of Airbag Injuries

Common causes of airbag injuries

Airbag injuries can happen for several reasons. Understanding the cause is crucial for your case.

Design Flaws

Design flaws in an airbag can lead to injuries. We investigate to see if the airbag in your car had any design issues. This involves looking at the airbag’s design and how it should have worked.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects can also cause airbag injuries. We look into the manufacturing process of your airbag. Our team investigates to find any errors made during production.

Failure To Deploy

Sometimes, an airbag fails to deploy during an accident. This can lead to serious injuries that the airbag should have prevented. We investigate why the airbag didn’t deploy. Our team looks for reasons like sensor failures or electrical issues.

Late Deployment

If an airbag deploys too late, it can also cause injuries. We examine the timing of the airbag’s deployment in your accident. This includes looking at the accident’s details and the airbag’s response.

Delayed Injuries and Long-Term Effects

Sometimes, airbag injuries aren’t immediately obvious. You might feel fine at first but later develop pain or other symptoms. We understand that some injuries can take time to show up. Our team considers these delayed injuries when building your case.

Long-term effects from airbag injuries can be life-changing. This might include chronic pain or ongoing medical issues. We make sure to include these long-term effects in your compensation claim. We aim to ensure that all your current and future needs are covered.

The Legal Process for Airbag Injury Claims in Oklahoma City

A. Filing a Lawsuit

  1. Statute of Limitations: In Oklahoma City, you have a restricted time to file an airbag injury lawsuit. This time frame is known as the statute of limitations. We make sure to file your lawsuit within this period to protect your right to compensation.
  2. Jurisdiction Considerations: We also consider the appropriate jurisdiction for filing your lawsuit. This includes looking at where the injury occurred and where the defendants are located. Our team ensures that your case is filed in the right court.

B. Discovery Phase

  1. Document Requests: We request documents from the other side during the discovery phase. This includes asking for manufacturing records, testing data, and more. These documents can be crucial for proving your case.
  2. Depositions: We also conduct depositions during this phase. This involves questioning witnesses and other parties under oath. Depositions can provide valuable information for your case.

C. Negotiations and Settlements

  1. Calculating Damages: We calculate the total damages in your case. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Our team works to ensure that all your losses are accounted for.
  2. Mediation and Arbitration: Sometimes, we can settle your case through mediation or arbitration. These are processes where both sides try to reach an agreement outside of court. Our team is skilled in negotiation and works to get you a fair settlement.

Establishing Liability for Airbag Injury Cases

Establishing liability for airbag injury cases

A. Identifying Responsible Parties

  1. Automotive Manufacturers: We look at whether the car manufacturer is responsible for your injuries. This includes investigating their role in the airbag’s design and manufacturing.
  2. Airbag Manufacturers: We also consider the airbag manufacturer’s liability. This involves looking at how they made the airbag and if they knew about any defects.
  3. Dealerships and Distributors: Sometimes, dealerships and distributors can also be liable. We investigate their role in selling or distributing the car with the defective airbag.

B. Gathering Evidence To Support the Claim

  1. Expert Testimonies: We use expert testimonies to support your claim. This includes medical experts, engineering experts, and more. They can provide crucial information about your injuries and the airbag’s defects.
  2. Accident Reconstruction: We sometimes use accident reconstruction to understand how the accident happened. This can help show how the airbag contributed to your injuries.
  3. Maintenance Records: We also look at the car’s maintenance records. This can show if the airbag system had any known issues or needed repairs.

Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies after an airbag injury can be challenging. They often try to minimize the amount they pay out. Our team at Hasbrook & Hasbrook knows how to negotiate with these companies. We fight to get you the full compensation you deserve.

We take care of all communication with the insurance companies for you. This includes negotiating settlements and dealing with their tactics. Our team is experienced in these negotiations and familiar with countering insurance companies’ strategies. We work to ensure that your settlement covers all your injuries and losses. Reach out to us to learn more.

Statute of Limitations for Airbag Injury Claims in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, the statute of limitations for airbag injury claims after traffic accidents is generally two years from the date of the injury. This means you have two years to file a lawsuit. It’s crucial to act within this timeframe. If you miss this deadline, you might lose your right to claim compensation. Our team at Hasbrook & Hasbrook ensures that all legal actions are taken promptly to protect your rights.

What Our Oklahoma City Airbag Injury Lawyers Can Do for You

A. Expertise in Product Liability Law: Our team specializes in product liability law, which is key in airbag injury cases. We have an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations that pertain to product safety. This means we build the strongest possible cases for our clients.

B. Handling Communication With Insurance Companies: Dealing with car insurance companies can be overwhelming. We handle all communications with these companies on your behalf. Our team is skilled in negotiating and works to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

C. Maximizing Compensation for Clients: Our goal is to maximize the compensation you obtain for your injuries. This includes calculating all your damages, from medical expenses to pain and suffering. We fight to ensure that every aspect of your loss is covered.

D. Providing Support and Guidance Throughout the Legal Process: We provide support and guidance every step of the way. Our team keeps you informed and involved in your case, ensuring that you understand each stage of the process.

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Have an experienced Oklahoma City airbag injury lawyer assess your case

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