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A rear-end collision happens when someone is hit from behind. It is an accident that may involve a rear-end collision, a roadside collision, running a stop sign, or something similar. There is no distinction between someone getting hit from behind, on the side, or in the front. It is a matter of an injury and an accident occurring and being at fault or partially at fault.

If you have been injured in a rear-end accident, you should seek the services of an Oklahoma City rear-end collision lawyer. A compassionate attorney could help you recover from your accident by pursuing compensation.

Common Reasons a Rear-End Accident Occurs

The most common reason a rear-end collision happens is due to distracted driving. Many times, the person is distracted by their cellphone. Traffic conditions can change dramatically in just five to 10 seconds, which is why it is important not be distracted by a cellphone.

One of the common locations of a rear-end accident is when a driver turns left and is not in a turning lane. The distracted driver is not paying attention and therefore does not realize the car in front of them has slowed down to make a turn.

From a legal standpoint, there is generally a clear liability in a rear-end accident case. There are not many cases where someone is rear-ended and they are at fault. However, if someone suddenly changes lanes and pulled over in front of a car that had no time to avoid the collision, they could be at fault even though they were rear-ended.

Assigning Fault

When attempting to assign fault for the collision, the jury looks at all the facts of what happened and reviews the testimony. The at-fault driver may say the person in front of them suddenly slammed on their brakes. Even if the at-fault driver makes this claim, they are still more than likely going to be the liable party. A well-established Oklahoma City rear-end accident attorney can assist the defendant by helping the jury understand the facts of the case. This is why calling a lawyer is one of the first steps one should take following a car collision.

Comparative Negligence

Usually, when someone is partially at fault or has a comparative fault in a rear-end collision, it is a small percentage. The percentage of fault could be larger if there is reckless driving, the driver stopped suddenly for no reason, or the driver is rear-ended because of some other cause. The amount of fault the plaintiff contributed to the wreck reduces their amount of recovery by the percentage. If a jury decides that the plaintiff was 10 percent at fault or the wreck, the total verdict to the plaintiff is reduced by 10 percent.

Establishing Liability

There is no difference in establishing liability in a rear-end collision case than any other determination of liability. The first step is to gather all of the available evidence. This includes interviewing witnesses, reviewing the photos of the vehicles and the accident scene, and talking with the police officers that responded to the wreck. The attorney determines whether the accident is believable in the situation and identifies how the accident happened. When the cause of the accident is identified, fault and liability can be determined. Clear liability is 100 percent at fault.

If the accident occurred recently, the attorney may visit the scene of the accident. At some point, the attorney takes the at-fault driver’s deposition and asks them what caused the wreck and who they blame for the wreck to see if the stories are consistent. The attorney will also review both drivers’ cell phone records on the date of the accident.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important to contact an Oklahoma City rear-end collision lawyer as soon as possible to find out your rights. Insurance companies often do not offer the fair market value of a vehicle, or only offer to pay for a certain percentage of the repairs.

The other issue in personal injury cases is when the injured person settled too early and they were not fully recovered. Sometimes the injured person can have complications later. You need to know whether you could have permanent injuries and later complications.

If you have been injured, you need to talk to an attorney to make sure their settlement covers all of their medical bills and time missed from work. The attorney can also give you the best advice as to what to do for medical care and treatment. Call today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned attorney.