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Oklahoma City Car Accident Settlement Process

The settlement process for a car collision case could be just as complicated as a trial. This is why it is important for an injured victim to obtain the services of an experienced car wreck lawyer. An attorney could guide you through the Oklahoma City car accident settlement process while you focus on recovering from your injuries. To learn more about how a legal professional could help you with the settlement process, contact a lawyer today.

Negotiating a Settlement

The insurance company typically requires a settlement release to be signed. This releases the insurance company and the individual they insure from any claims that one may have related to the car accident. During the Oklahoma City car accident settlement process, the injured individual’s attorney could make sure there has been a summary of the damages sent to the insurance company. This is called the demand package.

After the demand package is sent, the insurance company will make an offer. Once a settlement offer is agreed upon, the insurance company will send over the settlement release to be signed. The insurance company may wait to send the check until after they have received the settlement release. The settlement could include multiple checks, therefore, if the individual has outstanding medical bills, the medical providers could be included in one of the checks.

Reaching an Agreement Timeframe

A car accident settlement could be agreed upon anytime after a wreck. Some insurance companies may try to settle a claim a week or so after the wreck while the plaintiff is still in treatment. In, this scenario, the settlement may not fully cover the injured individual’s medical bills. This is why it is critical to obtain an accomplished attorney who is experienced in the Oklahoma City car accident settlement process. A lawyer could ensure that the settlement offer includes an amount that will fully cover the injured person’s medical bills.

During the settlement process, the window of time in an Oklahoma City car accident case it may take to receive a settlement may vary. Once the demand letter is sent to the insurance company, a settlement could be reached within about a week. The timeframe of a settlement may take a few weeks after settlement negotiations have started. Once a settlement agreement has been reached, the checks are usually issued within a week.

How an Experienced Oklahoma City Attorney Could Help

If a settlement release has been signed and the insurance company for some reason is not issuing the checks, the person could file a motion to enforce the settlement with the judge. If the insurance company is doing it intentionally, the plaintiff could get attorney fees awarded. It is uncommon for an insurance company to drag their feet once a settlement is reached. The adjusters tend to prefer to get claims closed and off of their desk. For more information about the Oklahoma City car accident settlement process and how an attorney could help, contact a knowledgeable car wreck lawyer today. The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner they could help you get the compensation that you deserve.