Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

Settling an Oklahoma City Car Accident Case

The aftermath of an Oklahoma City car accident may leave a plaintiff with significant legal, financial, and medical issues. Individuals may need to negotiate claims with insurance companies while they struggle to pay for injuries and damages for their vehicles and property. An Oklahoma City car accident lawyer in the process of settling an Oklahoma City car accident case. A well-practiced car accident attorney could stand by your side and provide the legal counsel you need to make the best decision in regards to your car accident case.

Roles of the Attorney

A car accident attorney could be of benefit to someone who is considering settling an Oklahoma City car accident case by helping them get a fair dollar amount from the insurance company. It may be fairly common for an insurance company to increase their offer because a lawsuit was filed even if the claim may not have changed and the damages may still the same. Once they have to get their attorneys involved, they could start to evaluate it a little more fairly. Insurance companies may often have a separate claims department and different adjusters that evaluate cases versus claims that are pre-suit.

Initial Consultation With a Lawyer

An attorney may ask certain questions at an initial consultation which are designed to begin the process of building a case. This information may include:

  • Any correspondence with their insurance company or the defendant driver’s insurance company
  • Any witness information
  • The accident report if they received it
  • Any notes they made regarding the wreck
  • Any photos
  • Any medical providers including their current medical provider if they have had similar injuries
  • Their primary care physician
  • Their car insurance information

The information an attorney could have access to in an Oklahoma City car accident could greatly affect the process of settling the case. It may be crucial for a person to gather everything they could to present to the attorney.

Further Considerations

When considering settling an Oklahoma City car accident case, the injured person should take into account whether they are still hurt. It should be noted that if a plaintiff has settled and they still need to go to the doctor, any future medical treatment is not included in the settlement. Some insurance companies are notorious for attempting to settle car accident claims quickly after an accident while the person is still receiving medical treatment. This may leave the injured party having to pay the medical bills, since the early settlement may not cover everything.

Settling vs Going to Court

While an attorney could advise a plaintiff whether or not a settlement is in their best interest based off the fairness of the settlement, the decision to settle or go to trial is up to the plaintiff. Often times, an attorney may advise the plaintiff that the insurance company has failed to offer a fair settlement amount. Settlements may take the risk of out of going to trial where two different juries could look at a similar car wreck and award totally different amounts. Settling a car accident case in Oklahoma City may also take the risk of an unpredictable verdict out for both the insurance company and for the claimant.

Reasons to Settle Out of Court in Oklahoma City

There are certain reasons why settling an Oklahoma City car accident case might be better than going to trial. Claimants may have no interest in going to trial because it could be difficult to predict what a jury will award. Claimants could be put on the witness stand where an insurance defense attorney may put the claimant’s credibility at issue. If they are claiming they are hurt, then insurance company attorneys could claim that they are not hurt or not as hurt as they claim. They may say that the person’s damages are not what they think they were.