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Steps After an Oklahoma City Side Impact Car Accident

A side impact collision or “T-Bone”, is a crash where one car hits the side of another car. Side impact collisions can be very destructive. From bodily injuries to car damages, it is always helpful to have an experienced Oklahoma City car crash lawyer on your side. A qualified car accident attorney could help you follow the appropriate steps after an Oklahoma City side impact car accident, and ultimately help you recover damages.

Causes of Side Impact Car Collisions

Common causes of side-impact crashes in Oklahoma City are running a red light, making right turn errors, failing to yield, failing to halt a stop sign, turning left across traffic lanes, and failing to stop at a four-way intersection.

Common Effects of Side Impact Collisions

Side impact car collisions are usually high impact wrecks.  Cars can end up rolling over, colliding with other vehicles, spinning, hitting pedestrians, or hitting other objects such as poles. Some cars are damaged beyond repair and end up having to be towed away.

In terms of injuries to individuals, because there is usually very little protection between the individual being hit and another car’s bumper, injuries can be severe. Injuries can include head, back chest, and limb injuries. It is imperative that individuals involved in t-bone crashes seek medical attention.

Steps After a Side Impact Car Accident

When and an individual is involved in a side-impact collision, the steps they should take are as follows:

  • Call the police to get it documented
  • Call an ambulance or go to the doctor
  • Collect the other driver’s information
  • Take photos of the scene
  • Collect witness accounts

It is critical to follow the above steps after an Oklahoma City side impact car accident. This is because an individual seeking damages needs to provide as much information to a car crash attorney as possible.

What Damages Can Attorneys Help Recover?

Once an individual has followed all of the steps after an Oklahoma City side impact car accident, an attorney would use the evidence collected to file a claim.  From getting in touch with car insurance companies to health insurance companies, experience attorneys could help speed up the claims process.

The damages an individual can recover are the same as with other types of collisions. The damages include their medical bills, their car damages, their lost income, and any type of pain and suffering they have from the wreck.

Contacting an Oklahoma City Car Crash Lawyer

If you have been hurt by a car crash, contact an Oklahoma City car crash lawyer immediately. An attorney could advise you on the appropriate steps after an Oklahoma City side impact car accident, that you should take.

Dealing with car insurance companies, medical bills, court dates, and investigators is not easy to do when you are injured. Too many people believe they can balance all of these factors after a crash when in fact their main priority should be getting better.

A distinguished attorney could give you space to focus on healing, while they pursue claims against the party that caused your injury.