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Teenaged drivers have a poor reputation in Oklahoma City and nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks car accidents as a leading cause of death for teens in the United States, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that teen drivers have a higher chance of being in a fatal accident than adult drivers.

Despite the risks that come with teenaged driving, these operators have the same obligations to drive safely as all other motorists, which means that teenagers who are at-fault for accidents are liable through their insurance carriers for all your losses.

An Oklahoma City teen driver car accident lawyer may be able to help you when you suffer injuries after a collision with a teenaged driver. A car wreck attorney could provide more information about the responsibilities of teen drivers, work to demonstrate how the defendant was at fault for the accident, and make claims for compensation from insurance companies.

Rules for Teen Drivers in Oklahoma City

Teenagers as young as 15 and a half years old can legally drive a car in Oklahoma City. As long as these motorists are enrolled in a driver education program and receive a learner’s permit, they can operate a motor vehicle.  The driving privilege is not without limitations, however. Any driver with a permit can only operate while with another licensed driver at least 21 years old. Additionally, holders of learners’ permits can only drive from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

These rules are in place for the safety of not only the teenaged drivers but also for all other people on the road. Just because a driver is not a legal adult does not mean that they do not have the same duties as all other motorists to drive safely. A teenager who is at fault in an accident has the same liability as an adult.

Teenaged Drivers and Legal Liability

Normally, a defendant in a car accident shares liability with their insurance company following an accident. In most cases, the insurance company takes full financial responsibility for the incident. A defendant driver, however, is still a named party on the claim.

The fact that a defendant is a teenager can change this dynamic. Insurance companies cannot name a teenager as a policyholder. Furthermore, a teenager cannot be a defendant in a suit for damages, as they are not a legal adult.

A legal theory known as vicarious liability states that parents are liable as defendants in car accidents if they have reason to know that the teenager is a poor driver. In a sense, the parent is negligent in allowing that teenager to get behind the wheel.

Several legal theories allow the complainants in teenage negligence cases to collect damages for their losses. An Oklahoma City teen driver car accident lawyer could help to choose the theory that best fits a plaintiff’s needs.

An Oklahoma City Teen Driver Car Accident Attorney May be Able to Help You

A core principle of traffic law is that all drivers are responsible for their actions behind the wheel. All drivers, whether teenagers, adults, or senior citizens, assume this duty whenever they drive.

An Oklahoma City teen driver car accident attorney could help you to pursue your case for the payments that you deserve after an accident. You have the right to expect to be made whole again following an accident, no matter the age of the defendant. An attorney could help you to prove defendant negligence, accurately measure your losses, and pursue fair payments every step of the way. Contact an Oklahoma City teen driver car accident lawyer today to learn more.