Oklahoma Avandia Injury Lawyers

Avandia, also known as Rosiglitazone, is an anti-diabetic drug most commonly used to treat Type II diabetes. Avandia improves a diabetic’s ability to control his or her blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity. Every year, this drug is used by millions of Americans and earns billions in sales. Unfortunately, Avandia may increase the risk of suffering a heart attack. In 2007, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that Avandia led to a greater risk of heart attacks and death from heart-related diseases than other types of drugs for diabetes.

The Food and Drug Administration issued a safety alert for Avandia in May of 2007. The alert indicated that Avandia may lead to increased risk of heart attack. Then, in August of 2007, the FDA issued another safety alert. This one indicated that Avandia may also lead to heart failure. Finally, the FDA issued a black box warning in November of 2007. A black box warning is the strongest warning the FDA can give a drug. This warning indicated that Avandia may lead to increased risk of heart attack in users.

Avandia made headlines recently when confidential government reports were uncovered wherein FDA doctors concluded that Rosiglitazone (Avandia) should be taken off the market. Debate about whether the FDA should remove the drug from the market continues, particularly with disagreements concerning a new clinical trial on the risks associated with using Avandia. In addition, a Senate investigation concluded that GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Avandia, should have warned users about the drug’s risks years ago. It is important to note that among all prescribed drugs, Avandia ranks first in the number of serious or fatal problems resulting from its use. In the third quarter of 2009 alone, more than 300 deaths were reported.

Potential Side Effects of Using Avandia

Heart Attack. In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007, it was shown that Avandia increased a user’s risk for heart attack by 43 percent compared to other drugs for diabetes. Also known as myocardial infarctions, heart attacks occur when the flow of blood to the heart is interrupted, which causes some heart cells to die. Heart attack symptoms include sudden chest pain, a shortness of breath, vomiting, nausea, perspiration, heart palpitations, and/or an abnormal heartbeat.

Congestive Heart Failure. This occurs when problems involving the structure of the heart limit its ability to adequately supply blood to the rest of the body. That is, the heart is not able to pump enough blood to satisfy the body’s requirements. Heart attacks, heart disease and hypertension are common causes of congestive heart failure.

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