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Seeking treatment for any condition can be a harrowing process. It becomes even more frightening when you are informed you were misdiagnosed. No one should ever have to cope with one diagnosis only to be told they have another condition.

This can cause irreparable health complications, emotional distress for you and your loved ones and increased medical expenses. In extreme circumstances a cancer misdiagnosis can lead to death. Sifting through the timeline of a misdiagnosis and holding doctors accountable by way of the law can be a complicated process. However, an Oklahoma City cancer misdiagnosis lawyer can help. A well-versed medical malpractice attorney can advocate fiercely for your right to be compensated.

Types of Cancer Misdiagnoses

A cancer misdiagnosis can occur in the three ways. Anyone who experiences any of the varying forms of cancer misdiagnosis has endured an unnecessary trauma. Usually, in these cases, a patient has already begun a course of treatment that is not appropriate for their condition. In some cases, the damage is already done. An Oklahoma cancer misdiagnosis lawyer can help file a claim against the negligent medical professionals who treated the victim.


This occurs when a doctor fails to detect the cancer present in a patient’s body. A patient may go extended periods of time without knowing about the cancer growing in their body. Cancer is best treated when it is detected early. Undiagnosed cancer can have catastrophic consequences.

Incorrectly Diagnosed

This occurs when a doctor diagnoses a patient with cancer when they are actually suffering from another condition. Depending on what condition they are actually suffering from, this can also have catastrophic consequences.

Wrongly Diagnosed

This occurs when a patient is diagnosed as having cancer when they are actually cancer free. As a result of a wrong diagnosis the patient most likely has suffered psychologically, financially, and physically. If they began cancer treatments, they also may have experienced negative side effects.

Why Diagnoses Are Missed

Cancer misdiagnosis can occur in a number of ways. A doctor could fail to identify the symptoms, fail to perform differential diagnosis, fail to order proper scans or labs, or fail to read the scans and labs properly. If a medical provider fails to do any of the above, they can be held liable for a cancer misdiagnosis.

An Oklahoma City cancer misdiagnosis lawyer can identify where the negligence occurred. An attorney will know how to gather the evidence and present it in a way that reveals why the patient is entitled to compensation. No one should be the victim of careless medical treatment and an attorney is dedicated to making that a reality.

The Legal Process in Oklahoma City

Any medical malpractice case involves an investigation period. During this time a medical expert will usually be consulted. Their expert opinion will provide the legal basis for filing the claim against a medical provider. There will be a period of discovery where an attorney will ask for more facts surrounding the events of the case.

A cancer misdiagnosis attorney will advise of the best course of action. Whether a case goes to court usually depends on the strength of the evidence and what the at-fault party is offering for a settlement.

Speaking with an Oklahoma City Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

Consulting an attorney for a cancer misdiagnosis would be the wisest plan of action for anyone who has suffered from the experience. An attorney can approach the case with empathy and a breath of legal expertise.

Allow an Oklahoma City cancer misdiagnosis lawyer to evaluate the facts of your case and advise you throughout the litigation process. Call today to set up a free consultation to get started.