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Oklahoma City Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

While patients typically arrive in the emergency room during extreme times of medical need, the high pressure and fast-paced environment, the doctors’ and nurses’ competence in an emergency room are held to a high standard to ensure only exceptional treatment is given.

When you are treated in the emergency room you may place trust in those experts caring for you. The state of Oklahoma has laws in place to hold medical professionals accountable. If you or a loved one has been injured due to errors made in the emergency room, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. An Oklahoma City emergency room errors lawyer could assist you with getting the compensation you deserve. By filing a comprehensive claim that clearly outlines the injuries you suffered, an accomplished medical malpractice attorney may help you seek justice.

The Negligence of an ER Staff Member

A person may suffer at the hands of emergency room errors in a variety of ways. Their condition could worsen while waiting for treatment if the emergency room staff fails to prioritize the proper patient. An error may occur is if a patient is sent home without being admitted to the hospital for further testing and monitoring.

These errors may lead to serious illnesses, infections, and even death. When staff is negligent, an emergency room errors lawyer in Oklahoma City could help. By thoroughly outlining the timeline of a patient’s treatment, they may be able to help determine whether a person has a viable case.

The Litigation Process in Oklahoma City

The litigation process could be long and tedious. It may be beneficial for a patient and their family to allow the lawyer to advocate for them during this process. The entire legal process may include the following:

  • Interrogatories
  • Admissions
  • Production of documents and things
  • Depositions

After the initial claim is filed against the hospital and the insurance company, discovery takes place. The plaintiff, lawyer, and the defense typically exchange information regarding the facts and events surrounding the case. The patient’s medical records may then be requested and reviewed.

A medical expert is consulted to explain in more detail how the doctors in the emergency room failed to treat the plaintiff appropriately. An Oklahoma City emergency room errors lawyer knows how to effectively illustrate negligence and how it is the proximate cause of emergency errors injuries.

Consulting an Oklahoma City Emergency Room Errors Attorney

An Oklahoma City emergency room errors lawyer could help you and your family with the arduous process of filing a claim against an emergency room or hospital. With the help of one of a dedicated lawyer, you may be able to make a stressful situation bearable.

While you might never completely gain back the trust they had in the health care system, the justice system could attempt to make you whole with monetary compensation. Allow an attorney to advocate for the justice you deserve. Set up a free consultation to learn more.