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A medical misdiagnosis occurs when a condition should have been diagnosed and it was clear that the wrong type of diagnosis and treatment was made. For a viable claim, the individual should have also suffered a type of injury due to the misdiagnosis.

There are circumstances in which misdiagnosis can be an acceptable mistake and not an example of medical malpractice. For some medical conditions, there is not a test to actually diagnose the condition so it is done by ruling out the conditions. With some conditions, the treatment is similar so if the misdiagnosis does not actually cause any harm, then there is actually no malpractice because there is no damage.

If you believe you have suffered due to a misdiagnosis, you might be entitled to compensation. An Oklahoma City medical misdiagnosis lawyer could help you with the legal process. Call today and set up a consultation with an accomplished medical malpractice attorney today.

Common Forms of Medical Misdiagnosis

A common misdiagnosis is when a person is diagnosed with acid reflux or heartburn when they are actually having an aortic dissection and the doctor does not do anything for the heart valve that is separating. Sometimes the symptoms are similar, but the doctor, for some reason, does not take the time to properly diagnose this.

A misdiagnosis of cancer is also unfortunately common. Someone with heart issues may be treated for indigestion instead of a heart attack. A person suffering a stroke could also be misdiagnosed by a negligent doctor.

What a Lawyer Will Look For in a Misdiagnosis Case

There are severe questions a medical misdiagnosis lawyer in Oklahoma City will ask an individual who believes a misdiagnosis has occurred. These questions include:

  • Why did they initially go to the doctor or hospital?
  • What were their symptoms?
  • What was their treatment?
  • What do they think went wrong?
  • Did they have a follow-up appointment?

Some of the first things an attorney will look into are the medical history and physical that the doctor or the hospital did and then the discharge summary and any notes based on the type of the case.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Misdiagnosis Claim

The most common mistake individuals tend to make in these types of claims is waiting to get a second opinion from another doctor. If they go to the emergency room and they have chest pain, they should want to consider seeking a second opinion if the first doctor diagnosed the condition as heartburn or indigestion. Seeking a second opinion could help determine what went wrong and how the other doctor failed to provide the proper standard of care.

Another common mistake seen in these cases is failing to contact a lawyer quickly and filing a claim. A dedicated Oklahoma medical misdiagnosis attorney could help an injured victim file a claim within the statute of limitations.

Unique Aspects of Misdiagnosis Cases

Misdiagnosis cases are unique from other medical malpractice claims as things are much easier after the patient develops the condition. Three years later, if hindsight is not perfect, the doctors are working with the test and the facts that they have at the time, so they are going to claim that they made the proper diagnosis at the time of the condition and the condition worsened after the fact. The patient does not have all the tests when the diagnosis should have been made at the time.

What people should know about these cases is that it takes a long time to get the correct doctors lined up to testify and the medical facts can be complicated.

Contact an Oklahoma City Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney Today

The harm in misdiagnosis cases is that failure to treat can cause a condition to get worse. If you have suffered due to a misdiagnosis, you could be entitled to compensation. A skilled Oklahoma City medical misdiagnosis lawyer could help you file a claim and recover the damages you deserve. Call today.