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While scars generally don’t cause physical pain once the wound or surgical site has healed, they can still inflict severe emotional distress, particularly when the victim is a teenager or young adult.  The victim may withdraw from social, romantic, or professional relationships and opportunities due to the depression and anxiety caused by the change in their appearance.  In cases where scarring is extensive, or causes the contraction of skin or joints, the victim may lose some of their mobility, flexibility, grip strength, or other physical capabilities. Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys will work with you to get what is deserved.

Depending on the circumstances which led to the injury, the victim may be able to recover compensation for their current and projected costs and losses.  The permanent scar lawyers of Hasbrook & Hasbrook can help.

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A serious injury results in severe pain, impaired function, income losses, and huge medical bills.  Depending on the nature and location of the injury, the victim may also develop extensive scarring or become permanently disfigured.  Permanent scarring is especially common following burns, road rash abrasion, animal attacks, large lacerations, and open surgery.

If you or one of your family members was permanently scarred by an injury that was caused by someone else’s careless actions, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other hardships and losses.  Call the experienced Oklahoma permanent scarring lawyers of Hasbrook & Hasbrook at (405) 698-3040 to set up a free and confidential legal consultation today.

How Much Compensation Can You Recover for Facial Scars and Permanent Disfigurement?

Permanent scarring or thickening of tissue can increase the value of a personal injury claim due to the prolonged emotional and physical effects on the victim’s daily life.  Large scars and scars that are located in highly visible areas, like the neck, face, hands, and/or forearms, are generally worth more than scars that are small in size or that are normally hidden by clothing.

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Compensation can also increase if the scar is of a nature that limits your physical function.  When scarring shrinks and tightens tissue in the affected area, it is called scar contracture, which is fairly common in third degree burn survivors.  If the scar is located at a joint, or the webbing between your fingers, contracture can cause a limited range of motion in the affected body part.  For instance, you might be unable to open your hand completely, or to raise your arm all the way above your head.  This sort of impairment can make it much more difficult to find or keep a job, which is also a factor in determining the amount of compensation you can recover.

Scar victims can recover compensation for both financial and non-financial losses, respectively known as economic and non-economic damages.  This includes:

  • Lost Income
  • Medical Expenses
    • Ambulance Rides
    • Artificial Eyes
    • Hospital Bills
    • Physical Therapy
    • Medical Devices
    • Plastic Surgery/Reconstructive Surgery
    • Prosthetic Limbs/Fingers/Toes
    • Scar Removal
    • Skin Grafting
  • Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering (non-economic damages) is limited to $350,000 in Oklahoma.  However, there is no limit on the amount of compensation you can recover for your current and anticipated costs and expenses (economic damages).

Depending on the situation, punitive damages may also be available.  Punitive damages, which are meant to punish defendants for extreme misconduct, may be limited to $100,000, $500,000, or have no limits at all depending on the circumstances under which the injury occurred.

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If you developed or are expected to develop permanent scars after suffering a severe injury, including laser burns and keloid scars, you could have a right to compensation from the person or company responsible for your accident.  Backed by more than 75 years of experience, the highly knowledgeable personal injury attorneys of Hasbrook & Hasbrook are here to help evaluate your claim, educate you on your legal rights as an accident victim, and represent you in court or during settlement negotiations.

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We provide aggressive legal representation for injury victims in Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities, including but not limited to Edmond, Norman, Moore, Stillwater, Chickasha, El Reno, Guthrie, Shawnee, and Anadarko.  Our law firm handles scarring and disfigurement claims and lawsuits involving:

  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Burn Injuries (Chemical, Electrical, Thermal)
  • Car Accidents
    • Distracted Driving
    • Drowsy Driving
    • DUI/Intoxicated Driving
    • Head-On Collisions
    • Intersection Accidents
    • Lane Change Accidents
    • Parking Lot/Parking Garage Accidents
    • Rear-End Collisions
    • Side-Impact Collisions
  • Defective Products (Product Liability)
    • Defective Airbags and Car Parts
    • Defective Electronics
    • Defective Gadgets and Appliances
    • Defective Skin/Hair Care Products
    • Defective Toys
    • Exploding Batteries
    • Exploding E-Cigarettes
  • Dog Bites
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents

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