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Oklahoma Prescription Drug Errors Lawyer

While prescription drugs are a powerful means of treating illness, they may have adverse effects when used improperly. Drugs could be rushed onto the market without adequate testing, which may increase the likelihood that defective drugs into circulation. When manufacturers fail to properly handle their product or fail to warn consumers about the risks, the results could be catastrophic.

You should never have to suffer if you were prescribed a drug that was supposed to help you. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure all drugs they are distributing are safe for consumption. If you or a loved one experienced injury or death after taking a prescription drug, an Oklahoma prescription drug errors lawyer may be able to help you. A skilled personal injury attorney could handle the details of the case so you may focus on your recovery.

Right to File Suit in Oklahoma

An attorney could review the facts surrounding the injury to look for a failure to warn on the part of the distributors. They may also see if there were any defective drugs involved. These are two key factors that show a party is liable for the pain and suffering the patient may have experienced after using the product.

In the state of Oklahoma, a drug manufacturer must label their drugs appropriately. This may include explaining the drug’s side effects and placing warnings about who should not use the product. A pharmacy is responsible for listing the recommended dosage and frequency a person should take the drug.

Legally, the patient may have a right to be made whole through monetary compensation if they fall ill by a drug due to any negligence. An Oklahoma prescription drug errors lawyer may know who to hold responsible for a person’s prescription drug error injuries and how to identify their fault.

Dealing With Insurance

Whether an attorney identifies the pharmaceutical company, the manufacturer, or the local pharmacy to be liable for the illness, a thorough investigation could discover where the error occurred. The responsible party may be identified and held liable for the patient’s injuries. After this step is completed, a claim could be filed against the appropriate insurance company, who could discuss policy information and coverage with the attorney.

Pain and Suffering Caused by Drug Manufacturer Mistakes

Many people who have used defective drugs may have the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages from lost time at work
  • A Loss in quality of life
  • Emotional distress

A person may be entitled to be compensated for any medical expenses, lost time at work, and travel expenses. People who fall ill due to prescription drug errors may require specialized medical care to treat a worsened or new condition. In extreme cases, drug prescription errors may also cause death.

A prescription drug errors lawyer understands the loss in time and money a person in Oklahoma may be forced to endure due to another party’s carelessness. They could fight for the injured person to be compensated for their unnecessary inconvenience.

Contacting an Oklahoma Prescription Drug Errors Attorney

If you were injured after taking a defective or mislabeled prescription drug, an Oklahoma prescription drug error lawyer has the experience necessary to handle your claim effectively. Allow an attorney to assist with the investigation process, communicate with powerful drug companies, and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

This may be a very stressful process especially if you are suffering from illness or injury. There are state laws in place that limit the time you have to file a claim so do not delay, call today to get started on your claim.