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Oklahoma City Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Motorcycle defects and recalls are a fairly common issue. The most common defect is something technical such as a computer or radio glitch. Dangerous defects that could cause a severe accident are rare and account for perhaps one percent on of all motorcycle defects. However, when they do happen, they could lead to a crash. A recall is when the manufacturer issued a recall of all motorcycles to repair or replace a specific defect.

The easiest way to check if your motorcycle is under recall is to go to the manufacturer’s website. Also, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association has an exhaustive database, searchable by make and model. To learn more about Oklahoma City motorcycle defects and recalls and how they could impact your accident claim, call today. Let an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer explain your rights.

Filing a Claim for a Defective Motorcycle

To bring a case for personal injury against a motorcycle manufacturing company over a defect, the defect would need to be notably dangerous. The motorcycle rider would have to show that the defendant company manufactured or sold the product, that the product was defective, and the plaintiff was injured as a result of the defect.

Generally, the manufacturer, not the seller, is liable. The retailer or motorcycle dealership is generally not liable for a motorcycle defect unless the dealership modified the bike.

For a successful claim, an attorney would need to show that the design or the defect was actually defective and that the defect led to the accident. The lawyer for the motorcycle rider would also have to show that the bike was defective at the time it left the manufacturer.

Dangers of a Motorcycle Defect

A common example of a dangerous defect on a motorcycle is a steering defect. If a rider cannot properly steer the motorcycle, it will wobble or weave, and could cause a crash. The standard in Oklahoma City is whether or not the product, because of the defect, was unreasonably dangerous to a person that uses or is reasonably expected to use the product.

Defective Motorcycle Evidence

Even if the motorcycle has been totaled, an accident victim should not salvage their bike before talking with a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney can investigate what caused the wreck and could hire an engineer to examine the motorcycle to see what caused a particular crash. If the motorcycle does not have a recall, an engineer would be needed to diagnose what the defect was.

Another aspect of proving a motorcycle defect case is submitting evidence from law enforcement. Law enforcement investigates at the scene of the accident and can issue a citation, but they do not determine liability in a civil lawsuit. They can, however, testify as to what they visually saw at the scene, or give statements.

An Attorney Could Help Recover Damages for a Defective Motorcycle

If you or a loved one were injured due to the defective motorcycle, you might be entitled to compensation. For help with Oklahoma City motorcycle defect and recall claims, reach out to a dedicated attorney. Let a seasoned lawyer help you recover the damages you deserve. Call today and schedule a consulation.