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Oklahoma City Nursing Home Resident’s Rights Lawyer

Moving into a nursing home can leave people feeling like they’ve lost control of their lives and how they are treated. A sense of helplessness may set in. What all nursing home residents, and the people who love them, must remember is that nursing home residents have rights. These rights are guaranteed by Oklahoma and federal law, and include:

  • Participating in one’s care planning
  • Refusing certain treatments
  • Using one’s own doctor and pharmacy
  • Being informed about all medical treatments and medical conditions
  • Personal privacy
  • Use of personal possessions
  • Choice of clothing
  • Management of personal finances
  • Privacy regarding medical records
  • Having visitors and being left alone with them
  • Refusing restraints
  • Obtaining information about nursing home services, policies, and procedures
  • Knowing in advance the cost of any service provided
  • Freedom from abuse
  • Freedom to remain at the nursing home if payment is timely and the facility is operational
  • Freedom to discuss the level and quality of care the nursing home is providing

We invite you to visit our nursing home abuse blog for updated information regarding nursing home news and laws related to abuse. If you or a loved one has been denied any of these rights or shows signs of abuse, contact Hasbrook and Hasbrook, our Oklahoma nursing home abuse lawyers to learn how we can assist you.