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A commercial property is a business that customers physically visit, such as a store, restaurant, or outlet. Commercial property liability means that the company that owns the property has a duty to make sure that the property is reasonably safe for its customers. If a business fails to maintain a reasonably safe premises, an Oklahoma City commercial property liability lawyer could help an injured customer pursue compensation after an accident. Reach out to an experienced attorney today to learn more.

Determining Liability

All commercial businesses owe a reasonable duty to create an environment that is safe for invitees – that is, anyone who visits the business for normal consumer purposes. If a business either knew about a hazardous condition on their property or created a hazardous condition, then they may be liable for any resulting injuries.

Liability is assigned to whoever is operating the business, but the potential defendants would be those who created the harm. A third-party company that is responsible for maintaining the floors, for example, could be a defendant in a commercial property liability case alongside the property owner.

To ensure that their property is a safe place, a property owner has to apply the rules of ordinary care, which includes regular inspections of the property, quick and efficient response to new hazards, and proper due diligence.

Limits on Commercial Property Liability

The statute of limitations for commercial property liability is generally two years from the date of the injury. If the potential plaintiff is a minor, the statute of limitations extends until they are 19. Any claim brought after the statute of limitations may be immediately dismissed by a judge.

In addition, if multiple parties bear responsibility for an injury, they may be jointly liable. In such cases, the damages awarded to the plaintiff are split proportionately to each party’s degree of fault for the underlying accident.

Corporate Litigation

The litigation of a commercial property liability may be longer or more challenging when the defendant is a major corporation. Walmart, for example, has its own insurance company and its own claims department that handles commercial property liability cases. If the defendant is a smaller, local business, the company may have more incentive to settle early versus the contract attorneys with Walmart. While such companies tend to fight back against claims longer before settling, the steps of the claim process do not change.

Collecting Evidence

The main thing people should know about Oklahoma City commercial property liability is how important it is to document everything possible in the aftermath of the accident. Video footage, store records, and other documentation may prove to be crucial evidence in a commercial property liability case, and companies may automatically delete or destroy such documentation within weeks if a plaintiff does not formally request that it be preserved.

Hiring an Oklahoma City Commercial Property Liability Attorney

If you have suffered an injury due to a slip and fall or a similar accident on the property of a private business, you may have a claim for compensation. An Oklahoma City commercial property liability lawyer could collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and work to hold the negligent party accountable. Contact an attorney today to learn more.