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Types of Oklahoma City Premises Liability Cases

Because of the many types of Oklahoma City premises liability cases, you may need the help of an experienced attorney to see if your recent injury on a negligent property owner’s estate falls into one of these categories. If it does, an attorney could then represent your interests in court and fight for the compensation you need. While compensation would not heal what has been done, it could help you address your medical bills.

Types of Premises Liability Cases Oklahoma City Lawyers Receive

Slip and fall cases are the most common cases handled by premises liability lawyer. Most occur at the grocery store or Walmart or Target. Though, they could happen at a bar or at a restaurant as well. Dram shop laws also apply if the bar is over-serving one of their customers and their customer causes a wreck. If that was the case, then the lawyer would have to show that the bar or restaurant knew they were over-serving the customer.

Naturally, various types of premises liability cases are handled differently. Usually, it is harder to get the evidence in the case until after a suit is filed. Walmart does not have to produce the security footage until after it is requested in litigation. Sometimes it is hard to gather evidence together.

When it comes to the severity of the case, the extent of the injury a victim sustains typically determines the amount that could be recovered.

Approaches to Slip and Fall Cases Versus Dram Shop Cases

If there is an Oklahoma City dram shop case, there is a very good likelihood that the defendant is in jail or arrested. The police would also be involved, so there would be evidence on that side as well. This is not always the case for slip and fall cases.

Liability in Premises Liability

Liability is determined in premises liability cases by assessing if the defendant either created the risk or if they knew of the risk. The other elements are if the defendant either owns or leases that property and they had a duty to maintain it. The last one would be the risk or the dangerous area that caused the actual harm.

The property owner has no duty to make his property safe for a trespasser, but they cannot willfully injure the person. If they know somebody walking across their property, they cannot set a trap, but if they are a customer or invitee or they invited them over, then they have a duty to warn of the hidden dangers on the premises.

How Does Someone Know If They Have a Strong Case?

A person would know if they could have a strong premises liability case by talking to an attorney to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

If the person takes photos and they could tell that the business created the harm or the dangerous condition, then it is usually a better case.

Talk to a Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney in Oklahoma City

If you suffered from one of the types of Oklahoma City premises liability cases, an attorney could help you. The attorney could document everything and make sure your case follows the statute on what is recoverable and what is not. Attorneys could fight for the fair amount you are owed from the insurance companies. If they do not offer what you are owed, you could rest assured that an attorney could fight for you.