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Understanding Oklahoma City Premises Liability Laws

When it comes to understanding Oklahoma City premises liability laws, an attorney could be a valuable asset. While an injury caused by a negligent property owner could cause a financial setback, an attorney could help you recover the compensation you need. Let an experienced attorney help.

What Constitutes Premises Liability in Oklahoma City?

Premises liability refers to something that happened on someone else’s property and caused them harm. Premises liability is different from other personal injury cases because of who the injured party is.

The main thing that sets premises liability cases apart from other types of cases would be the dangerous conditions. Then they have to use ordinary care so that their property is reasonably safe for people to use or to walk through. Also, the business owner either needs to know about the hidden danger or have created the danger. A business escapes liability if it is something that their customer immediately created right before somebody else walked through it.

Other personal injury attorneys do not take premises liability cases because a lot of times the liability side is trickier to prove if the defendant’s business had notice of the condition, or if they created the condition, it is harder to prove. Other attorneys may even turn down a case based on the facts available. If the danger was something that was open and obvious, then the business would have an advantage.

Licensees and Trespassers

Oklahoma defines a licensee as one who is on the premises of another by their permission that is either expressed or implied of the owner or occupant for the purposes in which the owner has no business or commercial interest. It is a friend or somebody like that.

The duty of care that all property owners must exercise includes reasonable care, such as not having any unreasonably dangerous conditions or hidden dangers.

Trespassers are treated differently than customers and property owners owe these individuals the least degree of care from hidden dangers.

Top Three Things to Know About Premises Liability Cases

Some things that a person should know about premises liability cases in Oklahoma City are just because they slipped and fell does not mean somebody at fault. It needs to be at an establishment or property where someone has the responsibility to keep safe, and the business owner needs to either have noticed of the condition or have created the condition. A spill could have been from a customer right before, but most of the time, there is going to be security footage, which is helpful. A lot of times, people do not get the medical treatment they need. If they are hurt, they should go to the doctor and get everything documented. Doing so could lead to a better chance of compensation for medical bills, missed pay, and emotional duress.

Speak to a Seasoned Slip and Fall Attorney

An understanding of premises liability laws in Oklahoma City is required for a successful civil case against a negligent property owner. That knowledge could be found with an experienced attorney. Instead of doing nothing about your injuries, let an attorney represent your interests. Reach out today.