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The trucking business is an essential part of the economy in Oklahoma City. Companies rely on large commercial vehicles – including trucks and tractor-trailers – to move goods from place to place. Generally speaking, the larger the vehicle, the more commercially efficient it is.

Large vehicles, however, come with certain limitations. Tractor-trailers, for example, often have large blind spots, and it can be extremely difficult for drivers to observe their surroundings while they are driving on a busy highway or roadway.

Commercial truck blind spots can have disastrous consequences when smaller vehicles find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you or a family member is involved in a collision that occurred in a truck driver’s blind spot, you might be eligible to pursue legal action against the negligent truck driver or the trucking company. An Oklahoma City blind spot truck accident lawyer could assist you with filing your claim or lawsuit against the individuals responsible. Contact a seasoned truck collision attorney today.

Where are Blind Spots Located on Large Trucks?

All vehicles have blind spots – typically at both the side of the vehicle and at the rear of the vehicle. To safeguard against a collision, drivers should turn their heads and make sure that no one is behind them before switching lanes.

The same blind spots are also present on large commercial vehicles, including large tractor-trailers and trucks. However, the blind spots exist on a much larger scale – even with large mirrors and advanced technology. Large trucks also have blind spots that smaller vehicles do not have, including the areas in the immediate rear of the trailer and directly in front of the tractor cab.

Truck drivers owe all other roadway drivers a duty to manually check blind spots before moving their vehicles in the following ways:

  • Changing lanes (especially in heavy highway traffic conditions)
  • Speeding up
  • Making turns (especially at busy traffic intersections)
  • Making stops

Individuals who have suffered injuries because of a negligent truck driver should call an Oklahoma City blind spot truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could help investigate the circumstances of the accident and explain all of the available legal options.

Investigating Blind Spot Truck Accident Cases

Drivers injured in blind spot truck accidents must demonstrate that the truck driver’s negligence was the primary cause of the collision. When it comes to meeting this legal burden, an Oklahoma City blind spot truck accident attorney could begin an investigation into the accident.

Obtaining a copy of the police report is often a useful first step in determining liability. In the police report, the responding officer typically provides an objective rendering of the facts leading up to the collision and may place blame on one party or the other.

A lawyer could also hire someone, such as an accident reconstructionist, to observe the scene of the accident. An accurate reconstruction could shed some light on traffic patterns at the intersection where the accident occurred, as well as the presence of traffic lights and other traffic control devices which could help to clarify facts leading up to the collision.

Speak with an Oklahoma City Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney Today

Even in cases where a truck driver obviously failed to check a blind spot, the injured driver could still lose their case if they do not act quickly. Complainants only have two years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit against the responsible truck driver or trucking company.

An Oklahoma City blind spot truck accident lawyer could help file a lawsuit promptly and pursue compensation on your behalf. Contact an attorney today.