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Mistakes to Avoid After an Oklahoma City Truck Accident

In the aftermath of a truck accident, injured parties tend to make a handful of common mistakes that could ultimately hurt their civil liability case. Such errors tend to occur in the initial aftermath of an accident and throughout the medical treatment process.

To recover compensation, it is critical for you to understand the mistakes to avoid after an Oklahoma City truck accident. If you were injured in a truck collision, call today. Let a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer help you avoid the commonly made mistakes following a truck crash.

Avoid Admitting Fault

If an individual is at fault for an accident, there is nothing wrong with admitting so. If admitting fault could hurt a person’s case, however, or if they do not know the facts or what caused the wreck, they should not admit to anything. Often, a person involved in an accident will say “sorry,” even if they are not at fault. Party admissions, including apologies, are admissible in Oklahoma City court and may be used against a plaintiff. Therefore, admitting liability is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after an Oklahoma City truck accident.

Common Medical Mistakes

The first mistake an accident victim often makes regarding their medical treatment is refusing treatment at the scene of the truck wreck. If an injured person is refusing medical treatment at the scene of an accident, it appears to an outside observer that they are not injured. It is always preferable to accept medical treatment initially. If the injury is minor, all the better. If the injury is a severe back or neck injury, however, early treatment could be crucial.

Once an injury is documented correctly, an insurance company will be able to see evidence of all treatment. If the patient waits to go to the doctor for a month, an insurance company might claim that the injury was the result of something besides the truck accident. The most common reasons people refuse treatment is that they assume they are going to heal and high medical costs.

Follow Treatment Instructions

Another common medical mistake following a truck accident is a failure to follow treatment instructions. If an injured party is not following their doctor’s instructions, it appears as if they are not hurt. Avoiding treatment or skipping crucial steps such as physical therapy may also weaken the plaintiff’s case, as a defendant may argue that their ongoing injuries are the result of poor patient behavior as opposed to the initial accident.

Similarly, insurance companies may exploit any gaps in treatment. If an injured party has a gap in treatment, the insurance company could try to claim that the gap signifies completion of treatment for the truck accident and the start of treatment for a new, unrelated injury.

A Lawyer Could Help Individuals Avoid Mistakes Following an Oklahoma City Truck Accident

The two primary sources of mistakes after truck accidents are time and money. Most people assume they are going to get better, so they put off treatment in the hope they will recover without spending time or money in a hospital. However, it is critical for individuals to understand their rights and how to recover damages. For more information about the mistakes to avoid after an Oklahoma City truck accident, call an attorney today.