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One of the most common categories of truck accidents in Oklahoma City is a rollover. In many instances, rollover accidents involve multiple vehicles – especially when the truck or tractor-trailer rollover causes a massive vehicle pile-up in the middle of the highway.

Rollover truck accidents could bring about serious injuries to other motor vehicle operators and their passengers. If you or someone you care about has suffered a serious injury in a truck rollover accident, let an experienced Oklahoma City rollover truck accident lawyer help you hold the negligent party accountable. Let a seasoned truck crash attorney fight for you.

Categories of Truck Rollover Wrecks

There are two categories of truck rollover accidents: tripped accidents and untripped accidents. A tripped accident occurs when the truck or tractor-trailer slides sideways into a curb, guardrail, or nearby terrain. The force of this collision brings causes the truck to flip.

Untripped truck rollover accidents, in comparison, result from a centrifugal force. In an untripped accident, the truck rolls over while traveling too fast through a curve or turn. An Oklahoma City rollover truck crash attorney could investigate an accident to determine how it likely occurred.

Common Negligent Causes of Truck Rollover Collisions

Truck drivers must operate their vehicles safely and carefully under the circumstances and abide by all state and federal motor carrier regulations. When truck drivers do not exercise reasonable care while operating their trucks, and a rollover accident occurs, the driver (and sometimes the trucking company) may be responsible for the damages that result.

Truck rollover accidents are common when drivers are negligent in the following respects:

  • They exceed the posted truck speed limit – especially when proceeding around a tight curve.
  • They load the truck or trailer beyond the maximum capacity.
  • They engage in distracted driving, such as by texting on cell phones or using other electronic devices while operating their trucks.
  • They operate their vehicles while they are fatigued – usually in an attempt to log more hours or arrive at their final destination sooner.
  • They make abrupt maneuvers while driving.
  • The stop the truck on a soft surface.
  • They over-steer their truck to avoid an obstacle in the roadway.

A knowledgeable rollover truck accident lawyer in Oklahoma City could review the circumstances of a particular accident and determine if a truck driver or a trucking company was to blame. If so, the attorney could bring a timely claim or lawsuit against the appropriate defendant.

Contact an Oklahoma City Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Truck rollover accidents can affect multiple vehicles on the roadway. Injured accident victims may suffer soft tissue injuries, traumatic head injuries, broken bones, or spinal cord damage, all of which may lead to costly medical treatment and lost income.

If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by a negligent truck driver or trucking company, you might be eligible to file a claim or lawsuit. An Oklahoma City rollover truck accident lawyer could file a timely lawsuit on your behalf and assist you with pursuing monetary compensation for everything you went through following your accident.