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Oklahoma City Truck Accident Settlement Process

Once a truck accident victim has completed their medical treatment, their attorney will put together a settlement demand packet that summarizes the claim. This demand packet will include the medical treatment information, medical records, medical bills, evidence related to the case, and any witness statements. A lawyer will also include a settlement demand and will usually wait around two weeks for the insurance company to respond.

Once the insurance company does, negotiations will begin. Negotiations can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks. If the insurance company is not willing to settle for a reasonable amount, the next step would be to file a lawsuit. Still, the Oklahoma City truck accident settlement process can continue from that initial demand to the trial. For help with settlements and recovering damages, contact a dedicated truck collision lawyer.

Settlement Agreements and Release

Once a settlement is agreed to, the first step would be to get a settlement release signed. Once a settlement release is signed, the claim has ended. Depending on the insurance company, sometimes the settlement checks will be included with the release, with the understanding that the funds will get dispersed after the settlement release is signed. In most cases, however, once the insurance company receives the settlement, it usually takes anywhere from a week to three weeks for the check to come through.

Common Issues in the Settlement Process

The biggest problem that may arise during an Oklahoma City truck accident settlement process is if there is a healthcare, health insurance, or Medicare and Medicaid subrogation claim. A subrogation claim is when Medicare and Medicaid are reimbursed for the claim. In a subrogation claim, the payment process can be delayed.

The most important thing a claimant can do during a settlement process is to make sure that they are paying all of their medical bills. An individual does not want to settle their claim and still have bills outstanding. For help with avoiding issues with the settlement process, individuals should obtain an experienced lawyer who could make sure the appropriate steps are being taken.

Ensuring Settlement Payment

If an individual accepts a settlement offer, they should request confirmation of when the check will be issued. If the insurance company is delaying its payment, the claimant should file a motion to enforce the settlement with the court. In that case, the individual can have attorneys’ fees awarded on a breach of contract claim. In most cases, however, the insurance adjuster prefers to order the checks promptly close the claim.

An Oklahoma City Lawyer Could Help with the Truck Collision Settlement Process

The vast majority of truck crash cases end in a settlement rather than trial. Therefore, it is essential for injured victims to have an accomplished lawyer by their side during the Oklahoma City truck accident settlement process. Without legal counsel, insurance companies may try to pay claimant’s as little as possible. Contact an attorney today and let a legal professional help you collect the damages you deserve.