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If you have been injured in a construction accident in Oklahoma, you probably have many questions on your mind. Can I receive compensation for my injuries? If I can’t work for an extended period of time, how will I pay my bills and support my family? What if my employer insists that I visit “their” doctor, not my own? In short, what are my rights? At Hasbrook & Hasbrook, our construction accident attorneys can help you find answers to question like these and many more. We will fight tooth and nail on your family’s behalf in pursuit of the maximum possible compensation, as well as the medical care you need and deserve.

Our passionate and knowledgeable legal team brings over 75 years of combined experience to each case we handle, and has obtained favorable results for numerous clients during our many years practicing personal injury law. We are proud to represent communities throughout Oklahoma City, including the neighborhoods of Bricktown, the Plaza District, Deep Deuce, Automobile Alley, Edgemere Heights, Mesta Park, Bethany, and the Paseo Arts District.

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Representing Injured Construction Workers Against Insurance Companies

You should know that the insurance adjusters who represent employers in worker’s compensation matters have a well-earned reputation for denying claims outright, denying claims for necessary medical care, and quickly determining that legitimate expenses related to the construction accident are not necessary or the responsibility of another party. Many of these insurance adjusters also require the injured construction worker to consult with a doctor of their own choosing, not a doctor chosen by the worker. Needless to say, this doctor is frequently paid by the insurance company for his or her services.

Another tactic often used by insurance companies – and the legions of lawyers who represent them – is to offer the injured construction worker a speedy settlement, likely worth far less than the injured worker would receive if represented by a construction accident lawyer. Sadly, many injured construction workers, when presented with such an offer and unable to make a living as a result of their injuries, take the offer to meet immediate expenses. They then regret having done so when it proves inadequate to meet future medical costs and lost wages.

At Hasbrook & Hasbrook, our nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the legal tactics insurers utilize has enabled us to secure significant compensation in many construction accident cases. We take an aggressive approach to every case we work on, and are dedicated to holding negligent construction companies accountable when their employees are injured by unsafe worksite conditions.

What Are Some Common Injuries in the Oklahoma Construction Industry?

In spite of numerous state and federal regulations, construction continues to be one of the most dangerous industries in the United States – and sadly, fatalities are on a steady rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 781 construction industry deaths in 2011, 849 deaths in 2012, 856 deaths in 2013, and 908 deaths in 2014. A total of 24 fatal injuries occurred in extraction and construction occupations in Oklahoma in 2014, which accounts for 2.6% of nationwide industry fatalities that year.

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Certain types of injuries happen more frequently than others. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has identified construction’s “Fatal Four” as:

  1. Accidental falls, which account for about 40% of fatalities. Falls are often caused by preventable safety hazards, such as unsecured cables, flimsy safety barriers, or broken or unstable flooring materials. Falls from heights, such as roofs, scaffolding, or ladders, are another widespread problem in construction sites, causing close to 300 construction deaths in 2013. Non-fatal falls can cause broken bones, traumatic brain injury (SCI), and spinal cord injury (SCI).
  2. Electrocution accidents, which account for about 8.5% of fatalities. Non-fatal electric shocks can lead to serious health problems, including permanent nerve damage and damage to muscle tissue. It can also cause limited range of motion in the joints and poor grip strength, which can make employment next to impossible. Limb amputations are necessary in as many as 75% of cases.
  3. Being struck by objects, which accounts for about 8.4% of fatalities. Even in cases where the object strike is a survivable event, victims often suffer from lasting health issues and their complications. For example, the CDC reports that object strikes were responsible for more than 15% of traumatic brain injuries from 2006 to 2010. Effects of TBI can vary, but may include chronic pain, chronic headaches, reduced sensory perception, impaired balance, difficulty speaking, intellectual disability, reduced mobility, incontinence, depression, and anxiety.
  4. Getting caught in between structures or objects, which accounts for about 1.4% of fatalities. Safety issues like negligent supervision, or the careless or intoxicated operation of machinery, can lead to workers being trapped between or underneath vehicles or slabs of concrete.
    According to OSHA, “Eliminating the Fatal Four would save 508 workers’ lives in America every year.”

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a construction accident, it is highly advisable to speak with an attorney before speaking with your employer’s claims adjusters, let alone their attorneys. The Oklahoma City construction accident attorneys at Hasbrook & Hasbrook understand their tactics and how to combat them. We know the law, we know your rights, and are 100-percent committed to helping you and your family during this difficult time. We can help you get the medical care you need now, in the future, and the compensation you deserve for lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call our law offices at (405) 698-3040 soon as possible for a free legal consultation.