Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

The Oklahoma Car Accident Guide

Common questions that are covered in our book:

  • How much can I recover for my injuries?
  • Will the insurance company pay all of my medical bills?
  • What if I have a permanent injury?
  • What if I have future medical bills?
  • What if I didn’t tell the police officer or the other driver I was injured?
  • What if I didn’t know I was injured at the time of the accident?
  • What if the police officer gave both drivers tickets?
  • What if no one got a ticket?
  • Who will pay for my property damage?
  • Am I entitled to a rental car?
  • What if my car is worth less after it has been fully repaired?
  • What is medical payments coverage?
  • If our health insurance pays for my medical bills do I have to pay them back?
  • What is subrogation?
  • What is UM or UIM?
  • What is stacking of UM?
  • What is the minimum insurance required in Oklahoma?
  • Can I sue the other driver’s insurance company?
  • How much do I have to pay my attorney?
  • What if we don’t recover any money?
  • What is a contingency contract?
  • What are punitive damages?
  • How much money will I get when the case is over?
  • Do I have to pay income tax on my recovery?
  • What if both drivers are negligent in causing the accident?
  • What if my damages are greater than the amount of the insurance coverage?