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Tips for Safe Night-Driving

Although only one-quarter of driving in the United States occurs after dark, death rates on the road are three times higher during the night. Typically, three factors combine to give nighttime driving its characteristically dangerous nature: fatigue, alcohol, and poor visibility. Remembering several nighttime driving tips can assist you in safely navigating the roads after dark.

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Many nighttime drivers battle fatigue on the roads. Fatigue is nothing to be taken lightly, as driving drowsy for twelve hours is the functional equivalent of driving drunk.  In many emergency traffic situations, drivers have a mere split-second to react. If you are feeling drowsy, your senses will not be at their best, and you may not be able to react quickly enough to avoid disaster.

Remember that getting to your location quickly is not nearly as important as getting there safely. Drivers making long trips should make plenty of stops. Consider drinking a cup of coffee at a gas station or rest stop, rather than on the road. The indoor lighting may trick your body into waking up, and the caffeine content of coffee can help you to remain awake for several hours. If you are overly fatigued, consider stopping for a 15-20 minute nap – or even safer: not driving that night.

Another major problem with nighttime driving is poor visibility. Typically, headlights only reveal a small portion of the area directly ahead of your car. Drivers should reduce their speed whenever their visibility is impaired. It is also important to avoid clipping corners and skipping lanes, even if you don’t see any cars around you.

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