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Tulsa Surgeon to Face Oklahoma Medical Board

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven C. Anagnost will finally face the Oklahoma Medical Board. As The Oklahoman reports, the case against Dr. Anagnost has been pending for the past three years.

A recent complaint against Anagnost claims that at least 23 patients he formerly treated had subsequently developed various injuries. Court records indicate that one patient’s right leg had to be amputated below the knee as a result of Anagnost’s “failure to adequately treat the infection.” Records also indicate that several of Anagnost’s former patients are now paralyzed in some form. Moreover, various malpractice lawsuits have been filed against Anagnost in Tulsa County.

Anagnost’s attorney, Barry Smith, attempted to have the allegations dismissed based on his argument that the board was biased against Anagnost, and acted unfairly. Of the medical board’s investigation, Smith claims, “It wasn’t done to protect the public … It was not transparent. It wasn’t fair, and if it appears impartial and unfair, we believe under the law, the state is obligated to dismiss the case.” The medical license board has since rejected this request, therefore allowing the allegations of fraud, negligence, and incompetence to proceed.

According to independent counsel for the attorney general’s office, Daniel Graves, “The outcomes of these surgeries have ranged from death, paralysis, amputations. There’s a significant amount of harm that has come to these patients. I understand there can be bad outcomes in orthopedic surgery or any surgery, but in these instances, it appears there are significant matters that need to be presented to this board.”

I’ve never come across this doctor, but I have heard from other attorneys that he charges outrageous fees for his time in depositions. One attorney near Tulsa mentioned that, where he was the treating doctor (like in a car accident case), he was requiring $3,000 for the initial hour, up front, and then $750 for each additional 15 minutes.

After looking at some of the court filings, it appears that the insurance company hires the Tulsa law firm Best & Sharp to defend the cases against Dr. Anagnost.