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TV Show Features OKC’s Illegal Street Racers

Did you know Oklahoma City is “home to one of the largest undercover street racing rings in the nation?” I had never heard it, but that’s what the Discovery Channel claims in its new reality television show, “Street Outlaws.”

Did you catch the premier episode Monday night? Neither did I. Don’t worry, you can watch the full episode on Discovery’s website. In “Midnight Riders,” Chuck calls out Flip for his spot on OKC’s street racing list, while Big Chief and Murder Nova prank Chuck by impersonating security guards in a fake bust.

You sure don’t want to miss that kind of action! It sounds like “Knight Rider” meets “Dukes of Hazzard” by way of “Route 66.”

The show, set entirely in Oklahoma City, is being billed as the “real life Fast and Furious.” On “Street Outlaws,” it’s all about getting on “The List” of the 10 fastest cars in OKC.

“Street Outlaws is a driver’s seat view into the world of American illegal street racing,” the Discovery website boasts. “Street racing comes first, and they’ll endanger their lives, spend their money and risk going to jail — anything to be number one.”

The show features the antics of “Big Chief,” who “has been in the OKC street racing game since age 9” and now owns a heating and air conditioning business. According to the show’s back story, Big Chief maintains the coveted “List” and decides who will be allowed to compete for a spot.

At the top of the rankings is “Murder Nova,” who drives a 2500HP 1969 Chevy Nova. The rest of the gang includes Doc, Daddy Dave, Monza, Dominator — and let’s not forget Farmtruck and AZN, who race a ’70 Chevy long-bed truck.

“Street Outlaws” airs at 9 p.m. Mondays on the Discovery Channel.

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