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Water on the Road is More Dangerous Than You Might Think

An Oklahoman woman was recently killed when her car lost control in standing water. According to reports, the woman drove into the standing water too fast and hydroplaned. The vehicle then ran into a culvert, fence, and a tree. It flipped two times before landing upside down.

English: After the downpour. Flood after thund...

English: After the downpour. Flood after thunderstorm and heavy downpour put an end to a very hot Sunday afternoon. A couple of drivers discovered that the water was too deep for their vehicles! Liverpool Road, Irlam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether there is an inch of standing water or a foot, standing water poses a threat to drivers. Drivers should always be careful when there is water on the roadways. If a roadway is flooded, drivers should not drive through it. According to a recent article, just six inches of water underneath a car can cause the driver to lose control, or cause the vehicle to stall. Twelve inches of water is enough to flood most vehicles.

Drivers should be cautious when they see standing water, because it is not always evident how deep the water is. Roadbeds may also wash out under standing water, causing drivers to become stranded or trapped. Moving water also poses a danger to drivers. Two feet of moving water is enough to carry away many vehicles, including sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Approximately 80% of flood deaths occur as the result of drivers attempting to drive through flooded roads.

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