Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

What can I expect at an initial consultation for my car accident?

Just about every car accident attorney offers a “free consultation.” What can you expect at this meeting?

First off, it’s a a chance for you to evaluate if you get along with this attorney and if you trust him/her. If you don’t feel comfortable with that attorney, than you should definitely continue the process of looking for an attorney for your case. There’s no reason for you to hire a lawyer you don’t like. There are plenty of good attorneys out there.

This meeting also gives the attorney a chance to evaluate you as a client. For a potential car accident case, I’m going to look at how the accident occurred, if there is an accident report, what the police officer wrote in the report, what types of injuries there are and if you and I both get along.

Even if I’m not taking your case, I will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses for your case.

What should you bring to this first meeting?

Everything! The more the merrier – medical records from the accident, any insurance documentation, and anything else you thing could be relevant in evaluating your case.

Car accidents do happen, and it’s important to make sure you hire the proper representation for you. Contact our car accident lawyers today to get started on your case. We can be reached at 405-698-3040, or you can contact us online.