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Why Are So Many Drivers Crashing Cars into OKC Homes and Buildings?

The Ford Crown Victoria that crashed into a northwest OKC home last week. Driver and passenger abandoned the car and escaped on foot.

The Ford Crown Victoria that crashed into a northwest OKC home last week. Driver and passenger abandoned the car and escaped on foot. (Photo credit: News9.com)

Is it something about Oklahoma City? Is it something about the month of May? Or is this pretty normal on OKC streets, and I’m just noticing for the first time that we run the risk of being involved in a serious traffic accident, even in the safety of our own homes and workplaces?

Were These Accidents Due to Alcohol?

Three days ago on May 20, a driver crashed his vehicle into a home near the intersection of Ann Arbor and 35th Street in northwest Oklahoma City. The driver also managed to hit two parked cars and damage a water main on his way to violating the home.

Police suspect alcohol was involved in this car crash-into-home incident three days ago.

Police suspect alcohol was involved in this car crash-into-home incident three days ago in northwest OKC. (Photo credit: KOCO.com)

According to the police report, the driver was traveling east on 35th, ran the stop sign at Ann Arbor, careened off the two cars and slammed into the home’s master bedroom.

Luckily, the couple who lived there was on the back porch at the time.

The driver was arrested and the police report said they suspected alcohol was involved. That’s a distinct possibility.

Never Good to Mix Up Gas and Brakes

That was on Tuesday. Go back just four days earlier to Friday, May 16.

A car crashed into Grace Living Center, a nursing home at 940 SW 84th St. in southwest Oklahoma City. The incident happened Friday morning. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

The driver was arriving at the home to visit his wife, who is apparently a resident there. According to the report, when he arrived at the home he hit the gas instead of the brakes and crashed into the building.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Realtors Building

That was last Friday. Go back just one day more to Thursday, May 15. At about 4 in the afternoon, a vehicle crashed into the Bestway-Now Realtors building at 600 SW 59th St. in southwest Oklahoma City.

One person was hospitalized with injuries, but was listed in good condition. The police report did not indicate a cause of the crash.

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Now go back four days before that to Sunday, May 11. A car involved in a wee-hours-of-the-morning police chase crashed into a home in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood. A young woman and her 3-year-old sister were at home at the time and narrowly missed being injured.

A Village Police report says the incident began around 1 a.m. when officers saw a man and woman parked in a white Ford Crown Victoria in the residential area. As the police drove near the car, the driver fired up the Crown Vic and fled the scene. The police pursued.

The chase ended on NW 104th St. near Western Ave., when the driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a home. The car didn’t just slam into the house, it actually entered the house, coming to a stop inside an empty bedroom. The adjoining bedroom was occupied by one or both of the sisters.

On his way to the empty bedroom the driver hit a light pole, barely missed a basketball goal and managed to miss a big tree before slamming into the house.

The father of the two girls arrived home from a fishing trip later that night. Judging by his comments to reporters, he is apparently a man of faith. “God works in mysterious ways, and that seemed to be a mysterious way,” he said.

The driver and passenger survived the crash, abandoned the car and fled on foot. The incident was reported by the Daily Oklahoman, and no subsequent Oklahoman report has indicated that an arrest has been made.

Church Crash: Was it Intentional?

Now let’s go back one week before that, to very early on Sunday, May 4. A car smashed into the Expressions Church, 2245 NW 39, in northwest Oklahoma City and then fled the scene. Hit and run.

Nobody was in the church at the time. Large glass windows were shattered, and according to news reports, the damage came to about $3,000.

A witness described the car as an older, white, four-door Nissan. Unlike the other incidents, this one does not appear to be about a driver attempting to elude police or a driver losing control of the vehicle or a driver under the influence. The witness said the car backed into the church wall. That raises the possibility that the crash was intentional.

This story was also reported by the Oklahoman, and no follow-up report has indicated that an arrest has been made in the case.

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That’s five crashes into homes and buildings within Oklahoma City limits in a period of 16 days. Is that normal? I sure hope not.

Next time you collapse onto the couch with a bowl of popcorn to relax and watch a movie, you might want to keep one eye on the window looking out onto the street. These days, you never know who’s coming calling, and they may not knock before they enter.

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