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Yukon Child Injury Lawyer

Many situations that would only result in minor injuries to an adult can have devastating consequences for a child. If another person injures your child, you could seek financial compensation on their behalf with the help of an experienced injury attorney. A Yukon child injury lawyer could help you hold the negligent party responsible for your kid’s injuries.

Common Child Injury Claims

Whether a child is in the care of their parents or is being looked over by someone else, harm to a child could devastate a family. These injuries could occur in a variety of ways. The nature of an injury will play a large part in how a Yukon child injury attorney will approach a claim, as the severity of an injury impacts the amount of recoverable damages. Common types of claims include:

Attractive Nuisances

Often, property owners are responsible for the injuries that occur to trespassing children. According to the doctrine of attractive nuisance, property owners could face liability if they fail to address a dangerous condition on their property that is enticing to children. Examples include empty swimming pools or trampolines.

Improper Training

In cases where a child is in the care of a daycare or other business, their failure to properly train their staff could result in an injury. This could involve anything from failing to supervise a child to ignoring a child’s health or allergy requirements.

Vehicle Collisions

The injuries following a car crash can be devastating for any passenger, and children are no exception. If a child is injured in a crash with a negligent driver, they could have a viable claim for compensation.


There are many forms of abuse that a child could suffer. This abuse could be physical or psychological. In the case of abuse, a claim could exist against both the abuser as well as their employer if the abuse occurred at school or in a daycare setting.

Deadline to File a Lawsuit

There is a strict deadline to file every lawsuit in Yukon. Known as the statute of limitations, the deadline varies depending on the type of case. Typically, a plaintiff will have two years from the date an injury occurs to bring a claim for compensation. Once the deadline expires, the plaintiff may be unable to recover compensation. This deadline is strictly enforced and can result in the dismissal of a strong case.

State law provides for some flexibility when it comes to a minor filing an injury claim. In some cases, the time limit to file suit could be much longer. For a minor, the deadline expires one year from the day they turn 18. When injuries occur to younger children, this could result in an extended period allowed before filing suit. A child injury attorney could help a Yukon plaintiff file their claim within the deadline.

Speak with a Yukon Child Injury Attorney Immediately

Injuries to a child can cause physical and emotional trauma to the entire family. With the help of a Yukon child injury lawyer, you could hold the liable party accountable for your child’s injuries. Call an attorney today to learn more.