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Enduring the death of a loved one is always a chaotic time. In addition to the emotional pain that you may experience, the death may also leave your family with extensive debt and uncertainty regarding the future.

Another party may be legally liable for death if their actions would have given rise to a personal injury claim had the victim survived the incident. As a result, a wrongful death claim may be appropriate in cases of both negligence and intentional violence.

If someone else’s actions led to your loved one’s death, you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney about your legal options. A Yukon wrongful death lawyer could help families seek financial compensation for their losses, including the costs of medical care, funeral expenses, and emotional harms like loss of companionship.

Who Can Pursue a Claim in Yukon?

Per Oklahoma Statutes §12-1053, the personal representative of a deceased person may pursue a claim for wrongful death on behalf of surviving family members. To prevail in a wrongful death lawsuit, a plaintiff needs to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent or intentionally caused harm.

However, the exact elements of a negligence claim can change based on the nature of the incident. A Yukon wrongful death attorney could help build a powerful claim that demonstrates a defendant was liable based on all relevant information and evidence.

Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim

Okla. Stat. §12-1053 also provides a list of the potential sources of compensation that plaintiffs in wrongful death claims may pursue. The most quantifiable are the financial losses that a family endures because of the death. These could include medical bills for services provided prior to the decedent’s death as well as funeral costs connected to burial or cremation.

In addition, the statute allows plaintiffs to demand compensation for non-economic damages, including:

  • Loss of consortium for a spouse
  • Mental pain and anguish of the decedent before death, payable to their spouse or children
  • Loss of earning capacity for surviving family
  • Loss of companionship for parents and children of the decedent

A court may also order a defendant to pay punitive damages in cases of extreme recklessness or intentional violence. Furthermore, recent court decisions have eliminated the state’s damages cap on economic losses, meaning that courts may award whatever damages they see fit.

However, there is a time limit of two years from the date of death to file a case. It is important in Yukon to contact a wrongful death attorney within the given timeframe.

Call a Yukon Wrongful Death Lawyer Today

The unexpected loss of a loved one does not just affect a family’s present. Surviving family members must also evaluate how this death will affect their future, as they may be left with expensive medical bills and funeral costs as well as possibly a loss of income.

While no amount of money could bring back a loved one, a Yukon wrongful death lawyer could help families pursue financial compensation for their losses in order to help protect their future. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation.