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People suffer injuries in Edmond every day. Many of these accidents are just that – accidents – but much of the time these accidents are preventable and a reckless or careless person or company is to blame.

When that is the case, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. A personal injury lawyer can help you review the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine whether you have a claim against the at-fault party, and what your best “next steps” are in pursuing your case.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases are heard in civil court. An injured individual or in some cases, a group of individuals will file the claim. The intent of personal injury law is to claim compensation from the negligent party to help the injured person pay for the injury-related expenses such as medical bills and the lost income that was missed due to the accident. The goal is to compensate the injured person for all of the harms and losses that they have suffered.

Sometimes the victim in civil cases thinks the case is straightforward enough that they can represent themselves in court. However, personal injury cases can quickly become complicated, particularly when insurance companies are involved.

What Constitutes a Personal Injury Case in Edmond?

Many people do not imagine ever filing a lawsuit against another person, and are surprised to find out that the insurance company is not willing to deal fairly with them. Filing a lawsuit is oftentimes needed to get an insurance company to even respond to a claim. Liability accidents happen more often than most people think and many common everyday occurrences can result in a lawsuit. The different areas of personal injury law are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Wrongful death

Any accident that occurs due to someone else’s negligence can potentially be a personal injury case and fall into one of these areas.

Basis of Personal Injury Claims

Not every accident is a viable personal injury claim. Someone who simply loses their footing and trips on someone’s driveway likely will not have a valid personal injury claim. But, if that same person tripped and fell when their neighbor’s porch steps collapsed, they may have a legitimate personal injury claim.

At the basis of all personal injury claims is the fact that someone else was at fault for the accident and should have prevented the accident. When they do not, they acted negligently and can be held responsible for any resulting damage in a court of law.

For those who believe they may have a personal injury case but are not entirely sure whether the case is worth pursuing, an Edmond personal injury attorney can help determine the factors of the case.

An Edmond Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

There is a ticking clock on all personal injury claims. You only have a limited amount of time to file a claim. On most Edmond personal injury cases, this time frame is two years from the date of injury or from the date you should have known about the injury. However, the time to file a claim can be one year, or less, if a governmental entity was involved.

This statute of limitations is just one reason why you should prepare to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. If you suffered an injury and feel as though someone else is to blame, speak to an Edmond personal injury lawyer who can help with your case.