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The following are the types of cases we have successfully handled on behalf of our clients. We have had many successful cases; however, we also have cases that go to trial, and the jury finds in favor of the Defendant rather than our client. Unfortunately, this is the unpleasant part of trying cases. When you submit your case to a jury, you sometimes lose. We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee we will work hard on your behalf and use our best efforts. We handle most of our cases on a contingency basis. This means that we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Therefore, we don’t like to lose. When we take your case, we intend to win.

$2,250,000 Defective Drug (Class Action)

$2,200,000 Taking Advantage of the Elderly (Undue Influence)

$1,100,000 Bar Over-serving Drunk Customer

A young lady consumed too much alcohol at a bar and drove her car into a restaurant. Apparently, when she pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant she thought she was stepping on the brake instead of the accelerator. She drove into the restaurant wall, and killed a man seated in the restaurant. We were able to recover all the available insurance.

$1,000,000 Wrongful Death

$900,000 Nursing Home Neglect

$825,000 Truck Accident

Truck driver failed to yield at intersection. A middle aged school teacher received what appeared to be minor injuries when her pickup was hit by a truck. After undergoing a period of physical therapy, an MRI showed she had a ruptured disk in her neck. She underwent neck surgery and still experienced pain in her neck.

$707,000 Truck Accident

This case involved a middle aged real estate agent who was involved in a multi car/truck collision on the interstate. Though there was minor impact and minor damage to our client’s car, he received an injury to his low back that required surgery. When he saw the accident about to happen he braced himself against the steering wheel in anticipation of the impact. The trucking company admitted liability but disputed the damages to the Plaintiff. The case was tried before an arbitration panel of three arbitrators. They awarded our client a total of $707,000.00.

$700,000 Taking Advantage of the Elderly (Undue Influence)

$534,999 Vioxx – Defective Drug (Class Action)

$430,000 Medical Malpractice

$430,000 Sexual Harassment

$400,000 Medical Malpractice

$400,000 Premises Liability

$400,000 Slip and Fall

$299,999 Nursing Home Negligence

$275,000 Nursing Home Negligence

$275,000 Auto Accident

$275,000 Oil Company Truck Wreck

$200,000 Nursing Home Abuse

$150,000 Premises Liability

$150,000 Premises Liability

$150,000 Nursing Home Abuse

$150,000 Against the Oklahoma Highway Patrol

A highway patrolman was backing up his vehicle on Turner Turnpike when he lost control of his vehicle. The Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that struck the highway patrol vehicle when it lost control. Plaintiff suffered injuries. Defendant admitted liability and the case was submitted to the jury on damages. This was a high impact collision. Plaintiff did not seek medical care until two days after the accident, when she went to her chiropractor. Plaintiff had $9,300.00 in medical bills and soft tissue injures causing chronic neck and shoulder pain. The jury found in favor of our client in the amount of $150,000.00.

$145,000 Premises Liability

$125,000 County Failed to Maintain a Stop Sign

A teenager was driving his small pickup on a county road at a high rate of speed when he entered an unmarked intersection and was killed in a collision with another vehicle. A stop sign which would have required our client to stop had been knocked down and was in a ditch at the time of the accident. Under the law, the county was not responsible for the stop sign being down, unless the county had been notified of the missing stop sign. We were able to locate a witness in the neighborhood who regularly walked in this area for exercise. She testified that the stop sign had been down for a considerable period of time and the county had been out mowing the intersection sometime after the sign had fallen down or been removed. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client and found that the teenage driver was partially at fault due to excessive speed and awarded $225,000.00. The liability of the county was limited by law and we were only able to recover $125,000.00 from the county.

$105,000 Premises Liability

$102,500 Selling Beer to a Minor

$100,000 Injured Passenger

A teenage driver with our teenage client as a passenger, lost control of her vehicle and ran off the road. Our client received injuries which required surgery for broken bones in her ankle. Her mother consulted with an attorney and was advised to accept the settlement of the minimum liability policy limits. She was advised that her daughter would have one year after reaching the age of 18 in which to file suit. The family later moved out of the state and shortly before the statute of limitations was to expire, we received a call from the mother asking if we could do anything else to recover for her daughter’s injuries. We filed a lawsuit in order to preserve the daughter’s claim. We asked to review all of the available insurance policies. We were able to discover that the teenager’s father had uninsured motorist coverage under a policy for a small business which he owned. Surprisingly, the business policy provided uninsured motorist coverage to the daughter living at home. We were then able to recover another $100,000.00 on behalf of the teenage girl.

$38,219 Jury Verdict with $3,219 in Medical Bills

Plaintiff was 89 years old at the time he was rear-ended by the Defendant. The Defendant claimed it was a “sudden emergency” and contested liability. Plaintiff had $3,219.00 in medical bills. The medical care consisted of doctor visits, an MRI and four physical therapy appointments. The Plaintiff had a massive pre-existing rotator cuff tear, but was still able to regularly play golf several times a week until the accident. Plaintiff also had pain in his shoulder after the accident if he played the guitar for more than 15-30 minutes. One of the treating doctors testified for the Plaintiff. Dr. Connor (and “independent medical examiner” that works for insurance companies) testified for the Defendant. The Defendant filed an offer of judgment for $8,000.00. The jury found in our favor and awarded our client damages in the amount of $38,219.00.