Navigating Emotional Injuries: The Overlap Between Personal Trauma and Uncontested Divorce

Divorce isn’t considered a traumatic event, at least in the medical sense. The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines trauma as resulting from an event that led to serious injury or near death. While the aftermath of a divorce could potentially lead to traumatic circumstances, the divorce process itself […]

How Do I Prove Lost Income in an Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Oklahoma Law on Proving Personal Injury Lost Income To recover lost income at trial, Oklahoma law requires the plaintiff to conclusively prove through evidence that the defendant’s actions caused the lost income and to quantify past and future losses in a non-speculative manner directly supported by documentation and testimony. The award is limited to losses […]

Will I have to pay taxes on my car accident settlement?

Car Accident Settlements are Generally Not Taxable Under Section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code, all income is generally considered taxable unless excluded by another Code section. Damages received for personal physical injuries or physical sickness are excluded from gross income under I.R.C. 104(a)(2). This means compensatory damages for bodily injuries, including lost wages, are […]

Oklahoma Car Insurance Companies Do Not Advance Money On a Potential Settlement

But wait? The adjuster said, “They accept liability!”!?! The adjuster’s statement of liability acceptance indicates their insured’s responsibility for the accident and their willingness to pay something for your damages and injuries. Liability acceptance doesn’t guarantee a fair settlement offer. The insurance company will likely contest the full amount of the damages claimed, and argue […]

What Questions Should I Ask My Car Accident Lawyer

Finding the right car accident lawyer is crucial after an automobile accident. Do not feel uncomfortable asking someone you’re considering hiring some tough questions. If the potential lawyer isn’t candid regarding their experience, approach, fees, communication, and potential outcomes, do not hesitate to look elsewhere. Here are some important questions to ask your car accident […]

Will Bankruptcy hurt my car accident case?

You were rear-ended by a careless driver, causing physical injury and significant financial strain. Medical bills are mounting, you’re missing work, and you’re struggling to keep up with your daily expenses. As a result, you’re considering filing for bankruptcy. But what happens to your personal injury claim? How does bankruptcy impact your potential compensation? Can […]