Car Accident Deposition and What Happens Next

If the insurance company isn’t willing to settle the car accident claim, the next step is to file a lawsuit. After the defendant driver is served, the insurance company’s law firm will then file an Answer. Most of the time, the defense lawyers will send your attorney Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Documents, and Requests […]

Who Is Liable For Vaccine Complications?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to the forefront conversations about vaccines, potential complications that may arise from them, and who would be held liable for those vaccine complications. Historical contexts informed these concerns, given the medical issues and subsequent multi-billion-dollar lawsuits that have accompanied vaccines in the recent past. Typical vaccine complications, sometimes referred to as […]

Target Slip and Fall Injury Claims

Even though most companies and large enterprises have a policy of emphasizing safety first on their business premises, preventable accidents still happen. Sometimes even the most careful workers and professionals still experience mishaps, and as a result leading to unsuspecting individuals suffering from injuries. Understaffing is the most common cause of this. Slip and fall […]

Why Slip and Fall Cases Can Be Difficult to Win

Victims of slip and fall injuries at someone else’s property, or business, can sometimes qualify for compensation. According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, approximately 7,000 adults are hospitalized every year for falling.  If you’re shopping at the grocery store or the mall, and you slip on some water and fall to the floor, tearing […]

How Is a Car Accident Settlement Calculated in Oklahoma?

Figuring out how much compensation you deserve for an Oklahoma car accident can prove difficult. How can you place a value on pain and suffering in a car accident settlement? And who actually calculates the award of your settlement? While you’re recovering from the incident, you likely need more information about how to effectively estimate […]

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

When you lose a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, your grief temporarily overshadows your financial needs. Only as you transition back to everyday life do you consider how to recover compensation for the income your relative provided. When you consult with an Oklahoma wrongful death attorney, you receive critical information about who can […]

Slip and Fall Cases Against Walmart

Slip-and-fall cases are relatively common in personal injury litigation, so it’s no surprise that a considerable number of these cases involve the largest grocery chain in the U.S. With Walmart’s size, they even created their own insurance company! If you need to contact them directly, Walmart’s insurance company is: Claims Management, Inc. PO Box 14731 […]

Uber & Lyft Car Accident Lawyer

Getting around the city has never been more convenient than before, thanks to ridesharing. With a few taps of the app, anyone can ask for a ride—be it someone’s personal car or a bright yellow cab—especially during peak hours. With such convenience at one’s fingertips, it’s not surprising that ridesharing is a multibillion-dollar global market. […]

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