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Every day millions of Americans exercise their privilege of driving a car. Unfortunately, though, car wrecks are far too common. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, over 72,000 vehicle crashes occurred in the state in 2016. Of these, 23,000 crashes produced injuries for almost 34,000 people.

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a car accident in Oklahoma City, a qualified attorney may be able to provide the legal resources to help. An Oklahoma City car accident lawyer could answer questions you have and may know how to best determine whether you may be able to collect compensation.

Car Accident Lawsuits

In Oklahoma City, individuals involved in car accidents have two years to file a civil lawsuit, according to Oklahoma Statutes §12-95. Potential plaintiffs may be able to receive compensation in the form of monetary damages for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost earnings or wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic damages

Oklahoma places a general cap on non-economic damages of $350,000. As a result, anyone involved in a car accident should consult with a car accident lawyer in Oklahoma City to determine the exact types of damages they may be eligible to claim, as well as the monetary values of those damages.

Understanding Negligence Laws in Oklahoma City

The likely cause for legal action that often arises in lawsuits based on car accidents is negligence. Negligence generally requires the injured party to prove that they suffered an injury as a direct result of the defendant’s negligent act—or, in certain cases, failure to act. In other words, the defendant’s behavior must have resulted in harm to the plaintiff.

In Oklahoma City, an individual’s own potential negligence or carelessness does not automatically prevent them from collecting damages. However, Oklahoma does bar a person from recovering damages if the degree of fault they bear for an accident that caused damage to them is greater than 50 percent. Any of the plaintiff’s negligent acts that amount to less than 50 percent of the total fault for the accident could result in their damage award is reduced proportionally.

Given the potential complexities of any negligence claim, including factors regarding the plaintiff’s own negligence, individuals considering filing a civil suit for injuries from a car accident should obtain legal help. One of the benefits of a lawyer is their ability to prove negligence on the defendant’s behalf. An Oklahoma City car accident lawyer can provide in-depth consultations to those who may wish to file claims in connection with a car accident.

Call an Oklahoma City Car Accident Attorney Today

Being in a car accident can lead to many questions about what our options are and what you should do next. Your first priority should always be to visit a doctor to address any injuries you may have sustained in the crash, but if you are wondering whether you may be able to collect damages as a result of your accident, a lawyer’s office should be the next stop you make.

An Oklahoma City car accident lawyer could review your case and give you any advice and assistance you require. An experienced attorney has generally seen various types of car accidents before and could use that knowledge to help you. If you have been injured in a car wreck, call today to ensure you do not lose out on any reimbursement you are entitled to.

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