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Lime includes the word “arbitration” 30 times in its Terms of Service!

Arbitration – What it Means for Users

The Lime agreement requires any disputes to be resolved through arbitration instead of going to court.

Arbitration is a process where a neutral third party (an arbitrator) hears both sides of a dispute and makes a final and binding decision to resolve it. It is an alternative to filing lawsuits and going to trial.

Here are the key points about arbitration under Lime’s terms:

  • Users waive the right to bring or participate in class action lawsuits against Lime. All disputes must be arbitrated individually.
  • The American Arbitration Association will administer the arbitration and follow their consumer rules.
  • Users only need to pay the arbitration fees they would have paid to file in court. Lime pays any additional arbitration costs.
  • The arbitration hearing will take place in the user’s metropolitan area.
  • The arbitrator can award the same remedies as a court would.
  • This arbitration clause survives even if users stop using Lime services.
  • Only a court can decide if the arbitration clause is valid and enforceable.

As of October, 2023, here’s a summary of TOS for Lime rentals:

Lime Rental Agreement: Key Terms and Conditions

Lime offers electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds for rental through its mobile app and related services. By using Lime’s services, users agree to be bound by the company’s rental terms and conditions.

Account Set-Up and Reservations

  • Users must register for an account by providing valid payment information and required personal details. Lime can accept or reject reservations.
  • Group rides are allowed under certain restrictions. The organizing user is responsible for any damages or rule violations.

Vehicle Use and Responsibilities

  • Lime provides basic instructions and rules for operating each type of vehicle. Users agree to follow these and use vehicles only as intended.
  • Users assume all risks associated with vehicle use, including injury or property damage. Users waive claims against Lime and agree to indemnify the company for any liabilities.
  • Users are financially responsible for damage beyond normal wear and tear. Fees and replacement costs are set for each vehicle type.
  • Users must report any accidents, injuries or lost vehicles within required timeframes.

Pricing, Payments and Fines

  • Lime may change service pricing at any time. Taxes and fees are additional. Users authorize charges to the payment method on file.
  • Users are responsible for any citations, fines or impounding fees incurred while using vehicles. Lime may pay and charge these amounts to the user.
  • Promotional offers are non-transferable, may expire or change, and are limited to one per user.

Intellectual Property and Content

  • Lime grants a limited license to use its app and services. It retains ownership and rights.
  • Users grant Lime a broad license to use any content submitted to Lime’s services.
  • The agreement disclaims warranties and liability for third-party services and content.

Dispute Resolution and Other Legal Provisions

  • The agreement requires binding individual arbitration for any disputes. Class action waivers apply.
  • Governing law is California. Certain provisions like arbitration survive termination.
  • Users assume liability and agree to release, indemnify and hold Lime harmless.
  • Lime may contact users for marketing purposes unless they opt out.