Oklahoma Car Window Tint Laws

Applying a tint to your car windows in Oklahoma can enhance the vehicle’s appearance and improve your driving experience by reducing glare and heat. However, adhering to the state’s legal guidelines is important to avoid penalties and ensure your safety on the road. The regulations governing window tinting are outlined in the Oklahoma Administrative Code […]

Navigating Emotional Injuries: The Overlap Between Personal Trauma and Uncontested Divorce

Divorce isn’t considered a traumatic event, at least in the medical sense. The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines trauma as resulting from an event that led to serious injury or near death. While the aftermath of a divorce could potentially lead to traumatic circumstances, the divorce process itself […]

How Do I Prove Lost Income in an Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Under Oklahoma Statutes 23 O.S. §§ 61 and 61.2, your lost income and wages fall under the damages that can be claimed after an accident due to another party’s negligence. Types of Lost Income Lost income can include various types of earnings, such as: Regular salary, hourly pay, tips, commissions, overtime, bonuses, and benefits such […]

Will I have to pay taxes on my car accident settlement?

In Oklahoma, as in the rest of the United States, the tax treatment of car accident settlements is governed by federal tax law, with certain state-specific considerations. Tax Treatment of Car Accident Settlements The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) guides the taxability of income, including settlements from personal injury cases. Under Section 61 of the IRC, […]

Am I Liable if My Friend is Driving My Car and Causes an Accident?

The liability of a motor vehicle owner for injuries or damage resulting from the negligent operation of their vehicle by another person hinges on whether the vehicle was used with the owner’s express or implied permission. This principle is not universally applied and is significantly influenced by the permissive use provisions outlined in your insurance […]

Oklahoma Car Insurance Companies Do Not Advance Money On a Potential Settlement

The Adjuster Said, “They Accept Liability!” But What Does That Mean? When an adjuster states that their insurance company accepts liability, they acknowledge their insured’s fault in the accident and indicate a willingness to compensate for your damages and injuries. However, this does not guarantee a fair settlement offer. The insurance company may still dispute […]